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Don’t be evil.

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I am now using a Droid phone. My whole life is on this device. My “real” email accounts and my “fake” ones – they’re all Gmail accounts and linked on the Gmail app. My phone numbers, credit card information and my real name. Facebook , blogs and tweets. It’s all conveniently tied together and linked […]

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Cloud (making) Ships

By Jacob | Related entries in Cool, Crazy, Environment

Everyone has one. The one piece of technology that makes it official for you that you’re living in the future. Whether it’s a Roomba vacuum, Skype, the iPhone or something else – there’s something floating around in your mind that, when you see it in real life, you’ll know you’ve reached the future. For me […]

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Happy St. Patty’s

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Cool, Culture

So, today’s the day we celebrate the plight of alcoholism in the Irish the fun-loving spirit of the Irish with good beer and good friends. Here’s some factoids from a guy with a bit of the Irish in him: Over 35 million Americans have Irish blood. But the rest of you are welcome to wear […]

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Obama & Spider-Man Team Up

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Art, Barack, Cool

And not only that, my sister’s boyfriend wrote the issue! He’s Zeb Wells and he’s mentioned further down in the following excerpt from USA Today: On Jan. 14, Marvel Comics is releasing a special issue of Amazing Spider-Man #583 with Obama depicted on the cover. Inside are five pages of the two teaming up and […]

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Best Test Drive Ever

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The real fun starts around the 3:45 mark. Now, let’s remember that this is a Ford. So the question now…why don’t they sell this one in the states? Tweet

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Ninja Mode For Google Reader?

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Want your Google Reader to look like this? Then follow Megan’s advice… Press the “up” arrow twice Press the “down” arrow twice Press the “left” arrow once Press the “right” arrow once Press the “left” arrow once Press the “right” arrow once Press the “b” key Press the “a” key This, of course, is the […]

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