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Of bailouts, boycotts, and buying a Ford.

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If Ford declines the taxpayer money, Ford deserves the support of American car buyers. If GM and Chrysler take taxpayer money, they do not deserve the support of American car buyers. Polls show that a majority of Americans oppose taxpayer dollars being used to support the Detroit 3 bailout. Perhaps the right idea is to boycott any company that takes taxpayer funds against the wishes of the majority of American taxpayers.

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Bank Eat Bank: Bailout Encourages Mergers, “Paulson Decides Who Lives and Who Dies”

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Hi, this is Danielle Ivory from ANP. My colleague, Lagan Sebert, and I have recently been covering the economic crisis and found ourselves thoroughly intrigued by the bank mergers happening all over the country. We looked into it, connected the dots, and this is what we discovered.. With newfound bailout money in their wallets, big […]

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AIG Fiddles…

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Corporate Business, Economy

In a stunning display of self absorption, executives at financial giant AIG spent $440,000 on a posh California retreat just days after accepting an $85 billion bailout loan from the federal government. While the extravagant retreat did not include employees from the troubled financial services division, how on earth could these men and women partake […]

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Conservative Authors’ Lawsuit Exposes Their Secret To “Success”

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Corporate Business, Money, Partisan Hacks

For years, publishing houses that put out “conservative non-fiction” have used a very tried and true method for pumping up the popularity of their authors’ screeds. They sell a bunch of their books in bulk at cut rate prices to book clubs so titles will show up on The New York Times best seller list. […]

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Don’t Test ALL Cows For Mad Cow Disease?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Corporate Business, Environment, General Politics

More twisted logic from the administration that keeps me in stitches nearly every single day. From IHT: WASHINGTON: The Bush administration said Tuesday it will fight to keep meatpackers from testing all their animals for mad cow disease. The Agriculture Department tests fewer than 1 percent of slaughtered cows for the disease, which can be […]

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Imus, Bias, Devils, & Heaven

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I’ve never been a Don Imus devotee. In fact, I can’t recall the last time I listened to any portion of his show. I’ve never met the man and I know next to nothing about his character or his motivations other than what I’ve garnered during this rancor over his racially charged remarks. So what […]

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Putting health before profits

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in Corporate Business, Drugs, Health Care, News

It’s not as simple as that, but the math is pretty stark. GlaxoSmithKline, which spent decades and more than $400 million developing a meningitis vaccine, expects to sell it only in Africa, and at a price that will never cover the cost of development. As the story notes, this is not an entirely selfless act. […]

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Walmart and the Democrats

By Dennis Sanders | Related entries in Corporate Business, Economy

You can read my take on Walmart, class and the Democrats over at NeoMugwump. Tweet

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“Conservative” Doesn’t Mean What You Think: A Guest Post By Jack Whelan

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Many of our commenters on this post (at AmbivaBlog) took issue with the spirited defense of New Deal-rooted American social democracy expressed by Jack Whelan at After the Future. In my opinion Jack is hands down one of the best thinkers and writers on the Web; I’m particularly blown away by his “post-secular” take on […]

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A Little Justice for a Big Man

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Corporate Business, Law

“We’re shocked. This is not the outcome we expected.” So said Ken Lay after his conviction on fraud and conspiracy charges relating to the collapse of Enron. Shocked? Really? My theory is that he really doesn’t believe he did anything wrong because he never intended anyone to get hurt. If someone breaks into my house […]

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