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Debt Collection Infographic – What You Need To Know

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During the past decade many Americans have faced a reality where their debt has exceeded their income, sometimes through no fault of their own. So when I saw an infographic come in about how consumers can protect themsleves, I thought it would be interesting to share. This from the creator, Frugal Dad: Collector abuse is […]

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Despite Record Profits, April Jobs Report Dismal With Only 69,000 Jobs Added

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CNBC has the details… As another summertime swoon looms, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported that job creation missed economist estimates for 158,000 new positions and the jobless rate rose for the first time in nearly a year. Labor force participation remains near 30-year lows though incrementally better than last month, rising to 63.8 percent. […]

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Where’s Obama’s Jobs Bill?!? Oh, Wait. Here It Is.

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But…but…this goes against the Republican narrative! American Jobs Act — Final There really aren’t any controversial elements in here at all. Yes, Republicans are going to push back on any additional spending, but it’ll be hard for them to break this apart and only get the tax cuts through. So it’ll be up to them […]

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Rick Perry Not Ready For Primetime

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What is with you Texans and your Governors? Jeezus… Here’s the video… If the vid doesn’t play…here’s basically what he said… Texas Governor Rick Perry, who entered the presidential campaign on Saturday, appeared to suggest a violent response would be warranted should Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke “print more money” between now and the election. […]

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David Frum On Conservative Economics: Were We Wrong?

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A very sobering piece to write, no doubt, but needed nonetheless. Especially when you consider the revised GDP numbers from 2008. From Frum Forum: Two years ago, Commerce estimated the decline of the US economy at -0.5% in the third quarter of 2008 and -3.8% in the fourth quarter. It now puts the damage at […]

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ADP: Jobs Grew by Nearly 300,000 In December

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Looks like businesses are finally feeling some confidence. Maybe they read my post? Probably not. Regardless, if the above number holds up when the government reports on Friday it would represent triple what Wall Street was predicting. Daily Finance has more good news: Separately, private placement firm Challenger, Gray & Christmas said planned layoff announcements […]

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A Happy New Year message from Peter Schiff: The value of your house is still 20% too high.

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When an economic bubble bursts, normalcy can only return if the price excesses created during the bubble are wrung out of the market. A recession is often a painful but necessary market mechanism that corrects the pricing distortion and consequent misallocation of capital that occurs in a bubble. When government intervention prevents the mispriced asset class from fully deflating, capital continues to be misallocated and economic malaise lingers on. This is the takeaway message from Peter Schiff’s Wall Street Journal editorial.

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Did You Know That 35% Of Stimulus Remains Unspent?

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To those who claim that the stimulus has failed, well, many serious economists and the the CBO say that without it we’d be in much worse shape. And even those who opposed it are wishy washy about it effects…which basically means it helped. Regardless, a large chunk is still waiting to get into the economy […]

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Private Sector Job Growth In 2008, 2009, 2010

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Here ya go… Pretty straightforward. Dems aren’t going to win any economic ingenuity awards, but we’re out of the recession, private sector job growth is still holding on and we’ve got the shopping season coming up, which should drive even more. But what if the Republicans had their way? Well, let’s refer back to the […]

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290,000 Jobs Added In April, But Unemployment Rate Goes Up

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The good news is that we added 90,000 jobs more than expected, and this job growth is the most in four years. Still, the unemployment rate went up and could stay there for a while. Because if our economy keeps growing and we continue to add more than a quarter million jobs per month, but […]

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