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Economy Grows For 3rd Quarter In A Row

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Slightly below economists’ estimates of 3.3%, but 3.2% isn’t anything to sneeze at. And while this Q1’s growth was smaller than Q4’s 5.6%, CNN Money explains why these numbers might be more important to our long term economic outlook: In the fourth quarter, most of the growth was due to businesses no longer making the […]

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Poll: Americans Still Blame Bush More For Economic Troubles

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The gap has shrunk a bit, but the economy is turning around so in a year’s time it’s unlikely we’ll have the problems we’re having today. Basically, the question will then be… “Who is responsible for the economic growth in this country?” Gallup has more on that… Obama has stated that he “inherited the most […]

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Government To Gain $8B In Profit From Citigroup TARP Buyback

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More encouraging news about the TARP program… From Washington Post: Among the banks that rule Wall Street, Citigroup got a bailout that was bigger than the rest. Now the company is about to pay a king’s ransom for its federal rescue. The Obama administration is making final preparations to sell its stake in the New […]

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Comparing post WWII recessions

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Given that this is the slowest recovery from the deepest recession in the modern era, any argument on what impact the stimulus package or the Obama administration did or did not have on the duration or depth of the recession or recovery can only be made on a counterfactual basis. Despite the massive expenditures, you can’t say this recovery is more robust than any that has gone before, so all that can be said in defense of administration policy is speculation that the recovery would have been even more tepid without the stimulus. Problem being, a case can also be made that the uncertainty created by this administration’s wild spending, insane deficits, threatened increases in health care taxes, likely increases in health care insurance premiums on employers, an energy tax (cap & trade), repeal of the Bush tax cuts, increases in the minimum wage, uncertainty created in the health care, financial, and energy industries with the imposition of radical government mandated top down changes in industrial policy – all contributed to increasing uncertainty in the private sector and made the recession worse.

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CBO: 600K+ Jobs Created Or Saved By Stimulus So Far

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Some welcome news for the White House, and the numbers could be even higher. First, from the Wall Street Journal: The Congressional Budget Office late Monday said it estimates that the federal stimulus package sustained between 600,000 and 1.6 million jobs in the third quarter, and raised gross domestic product by 1.2 to 3.2 percentage […]

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Poll: Bush Still To Blame For Economic Woes

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As I’ve said numerous times before, voters aren’t stupid. They know who piloted our economic collapse last year and it’s going to be extremely hard for Republicans to convince them otherwise. Still, it is kind of telling that Republicans blame Obama more for the economy than Bush, even though it’s by a very small 6 […]

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Dow Jones Closes Above 10,000

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True, it might go right back down tomorrow, but I have to say that this is a nice little psychological boost. But it’s not just psychological. Look at the 52 week spread in that picture…at this time last year we were down to 6,469. That’s a pretty significant jump in just one year’s time. Not […]

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The “Great Recession” Is Now Technically Over

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Yep. That’s right. A group of economic forecasters are projecting that we’ll see growth in the next quarter, so the recession is technically over. And hey, we can all be thankful for that. However, the pain will linger for years to come. The problem is that all of the lagging indicators of true economic health […]

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Economy Sees Lift From Stimulus

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The rise in unemployment is slowing down and we’re pulling out of this recession sooner than expected. Why? The reason is clear to me: we stepped in, took action and did something instead of just allowing the markets determine our fate. WSJ explains… The U.S. economy is beginning to show signs of improvement, with many […]

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Cellulosic Ethanol no longer in its infancy

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Thanks to Justin and company for welcoming me on here as a regular contributor. I will be posting on a number of issues, but one area you can expect that I will regularly be tracking is technology related developments and how they interact with the political world and policy. I also live less than ten […]

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