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College Becoming Unaffordable For Most Americans

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Education, Money

Apparently wage stagnation matters…a lot. Not just because middle class families are swimming debt, but we’re apparently on a collision course with having a work force that doesn’t represent the best and brightest in the world. From NY Times: The rising cost of college — even before the recession — threatens to put higher education […]

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Teachers Packing Guns – Texas School District Reinforces America’s Cowboy Image

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in Education, Guns and Ammo

The news release that a Texas School District could be the first in the nation to allow teachers and staff to pack guns for protection was deemed so preposterous it received a prominent spot on the Nutty News Network. But the story is legit – the Trustees at the Harrold Independent School District have approved […]

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Higher Education – Dangerously Close to Becoming Irrelevant

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in Education

In his 2006 report to the Panel on Innovative Teaching and Learning Strategies, Associate Professor David Wiley, Ph.D., raised more than a few eyebrows when he informed panel members that higher education in America was “in very real danger of becoming irrelevant.” Wiley describes the antiquated college classroom experience thus: “Students are inside a classroom […]

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The 2008 Preliminary Democratic Platform Offers Hope for Public Education

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in Barack, Bush, Democrats, Education, Immigration

On Thursday, Democratic platform committee members were provided a draft of the Democratic National Committee’s 2008 platform. Titled “Renewing America’s Promise” and broken out into four distinct sections, “Renewing the American Dream,” “Renewing American Leadership,” “Renewing the American Community,” and “Renewing American Democracy,” the platform is a strong counter to the current Bush administration policies […]

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College Degree No Longer Enough

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Economy, Education

Here’s an interesting piece of data courtesy The Wall Street Journal: In the economic expansion that began in 2001 and now appears to be ending, the inflation-adjusted wages of the majority of U.S. workers didn’t grow, even among those who went to college. The government’s statistical snapshots show the typical weekly salary of a worker […]

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Obama’s Wealthy, Educated Supporters

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Economy, Education

David Brooks has has an interesting analysis of Barack Obama’s donor base, which is heavily reliant on well-educated, information-age workers. Once, the wealthy were solidly Republican. But the information age rewards education with money. There are many smart high achievers who grew up in liberal suburbs around San Francisco, L.A. and New York, went to […]

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Obama Proposes Interesting Student Aid Plan

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Barack, Education

Here’s and interesting initiative proposed by Barack Obama. He wants to give students a $4,000 tax credit to be used towards tuition – but there’s a catch. To earn the credit, the students would have to complete 100 hours of community service. Plus, since it’s a tax credit (rather than a plain ole handout), students […]

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Obama Details Economic Plan

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Economy, Education, Money, Taxes

He’ll be accused of offering the typical Democratic tax and spend plans, but with the housing market tanking because of free market loopholes and the prices of basic goods skyrocketing due in part of out of control war spending, I’m thinking the middle class would appreciate some fiscal attention refocused on their needs. From the […]

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Glenn Beck Misses the Mark on Educational Endowments

By Tom Hanson | Related entries in Education, Media

Tom Hanson is the editor of, a site dedicated to tracking the changes occurring in education today especially the impact of technology on teaching and learning. A retired school superintendent, Tom has 32 years of experience in the profession as a classroom teacher, coach and administrator. To the surprise of many, Glenn Beck continues […]

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One Laptop Per Child Reveals $75 Computer

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Education, The World

One of my favorite creative enterprises is the One Laptop Per Child project which seeks to make computers so affordable that every child in developing nations will be able to own one. The original goal was $100 laptops. The initial model went for $188. Now, they’ve developed a version that will cost only $75. It […]

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