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Limbaugh Suggests Oil Spill Caused By Environmentalists?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Palin, Partisan Hacks

Hey, if he’s right, shame on them. Well, more than shame on them. They should spend their lives in prison for all of the destruction they’ve caused. But for some reason…I don’t think folks who have spent their lives defending the environment would deliberately cause one of the worst environmental disasters in our lifetime just […]

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Drill Baby Drill vs Spill Baby Spill

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Energy, Environment, Oil

The equivalent of 5,000 barrels of oil are being dumped into the gulf…every…single…day. Folks, we’re looking at a disaster bigger than Exxon Valdez. It’s that serious. And that could have devastating effects on our economy. From Fox News: The shrimp season begins in early May, as the shrimp move from estuaries out to sea, Long […]

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Obama’s Nuclear Energy Ambitions Are Spot On

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Bipartisan, Energy, Obama

Almost exactly 5 years ago, ran an article chronicling the various reasons why nuclear energy was a decent idea. At the time, I was skeptical upon reading the headline, but once I dug into the article I was swayed and considered this alternative more seriously. It was definitely a controversial piece, but it was […]

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And Now…$2.3B To Clean Energy Providers…And Beyond

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Energy, Money, Obama

The green energy revolution is in full swing and it’s supported by the White House. From NY Times: President Obama announced on Friday the award of $2.3 billion in tax credits for clean energy manufacturing — part of a broader push by his administration to stimulate job growth during the highest period of sustained unemployment […]

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What’s The Environmental Impact Of Cash For Clunkers?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cars, Energy, Environment

TIMES crunches the numbers and comes up with some encouraging data… The initial data released by Department of Transportation, however, shows that so far cash for clunkers has been a green success. The clunkers averaged 15.8 m.p.g., compared with 25.4 m.p.g. for the new vehicles purchased, for an average fuel-economy increase of 61%. On the […]

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Cash For Clunkers Turns Into Cars.Gov

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cars, Economy, Energy, Environment, Fiscal stimulus, Money, Technology

A new website for the controversial, popular program is up and it includes some things you need to know if you’d like to take advantage. Your vehicle must be less than 25 years old on the trade-in date Only purchase or lease of new vehicles qualify Generally, trade-in vehicles must get 18 or less MPG […]

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Wal-Mart Going Solar

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Business, Energy

Looks like the world’s largest retailer is getting serious about green. From The Register: The five latest stores in Walmart’s pilot program, which now totals 20 stores, Sam’s Clubs, and distribution centers in Hawaii and California, will all be located in sunny Puerto Rico. Their solar installations will be provided by SunEdison, described by Walmart […]

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How NOT to pay for highways

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Energy, Gas, Legislation, Money

In one of those “every silver lining has a cloud” kind of situations, state and federal government road maintenance funds are dwindling as people drive less and use less gasoline per mile as they buy more fuel efficient cars. The federal government had to put $8 billion into the Highway Trust Fund because plummeting gas […]

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Helium-3: Energy Godsend?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in China, Energy, Russia, Science, Space, Technology, The Politics Of Film, The World, United States

I’ve been genuinely intrigued at how much fiction and reality have been intersecting recently. See, there’s this film called MOON and it follows the story of a guy working on the far side of the moon who figures out that there’s a lot more to his mission than collecting the natural resource Helium-3. It’s a […]

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Cellulosic Ethanol no longer in its infancy

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Business, Economic recovery, Economy, Energy, Environment, Fiscal Responsibility, Fiscal stimulus, Gas, News, Oil, Politics, Polls, Science, Spending, Stimulus, Technology

Thanks to Justin and company for welcoming me on here as a regular contributor. I will be posting on a number of issues, but one area you can expect that I will regularly be tracking is technology related developments and how they interact with the political world and policy. I also live less than ten […]

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