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Apple AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro: Which Earphones Are Better?

How many hours or minutes do you spend each day with earphones on? If you’re like most people these days, it’s probably quite a few. 

These days, people are always listening to something. We use earphones for podcasts, music, phone calls, and more. Because of this, when we buy a new pair, we want to know that they are the absolute best that money can buy.

There are thousands of different earphones on the market, but the final, championship battle is AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro. Both of these are high-quality, popular, well-reviewed options, but which is the very best?

Read on to learn about both of these earphone options, the reasons people like them, and which of the two is best for you. Perhaps you already have one of them, but you’re thinking about trying the other; this article will tell you if it will be worth it to make the switch.


The Battle Begins

The battle of AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro will be intense. Both of these earphones are formidable opponents. These two brands are two of the most well-known in sound, and their parent companies have developed and tested them well.

Who will win this contest? Time will tell. Let’s take a look at the categories by which all earphones should be judged.


If you’re going to be wearing earphones all day, they absolutely must be comfortable. Whether you are wearing them while you study, commute, or exercise, they need to stay and direct sound into your ears, and they shouldn’t cause you any pain in the process. 

Many people simply do not like the way that AirPods feel in their ears. However, others find them to be quite comfortable and have no problem wearing them for hours. This is due to Apple’s one-size-fits-all design. Unfortunately, they don’t fit all, so some people like them while others don’t.

On the other hand, Beats’ earphones hook over the user’s ear instead of being inserted inside of it. This results in a much more secure feel and a more comfortable fit for most people. Still, some people don’t enjoy this design either, which means the winner in this category comes down to personal preference.

Battery Life

Battery life is another important component when it comes to determining the best earphones. No one wants to spend all their time re-charging their earphones between uses; people who wear earphones like these want to be able to just put them on and go.

There is a clear winner between AirPods and Powerbeats here because Powerbeats hold a charge far longer than their competitor.

According to Apple, AirPods hold a charge for about five hours when the user is listening to music, or about two hours if he or she is talking on the telephone. Unfortunately, AirPods battery life is not that impressive.

On the other hand, Powerbeats Pro advertise an incredible nine hours of listening or six hours of talk time on a single charge. The winner in this category is clear. 


These two different earphones share many similar features. Both allow you to summon Siri and both connect and auto-pair to your devices quite easily. They also both automatically turn off when you remove them from your ear, which is neat.

However, Powerbeats Pro has one very useful feature that the AirPods do not. When not in use, the Powerbeats Pro earphones will go to sleep, thereby saving valuable battery power. AirPods need to be put back in their case when you’re not using them, and that’s not always easy or immediately feasible.

Furthermore, the Powerbeats Pro are sweat-resistant and that can make a huge difference for you if you plan to wear them a lot while exercising. AirPods are sensitive to moisture and if you’re a runner or a gym rat, you may find yourself replacing them sooner than you might like.

In the features category, Powerbeats Pro again reign supreme. 


Quality of sound is an important factor for most people who enjoy listening to music. From the very beginning, Beats by Dre has marketed their ear and headphones as some of the best sounding products in the industry. However, Apple has also revolutionized many things when it comes to personal entertainment technology since the first iPhone release in 2007.

Which earphones sound better?

There are several factors to consider when it comes to earphone sound. First, which of these two brands is better able to block out environmental noise? Unfortunately, because of the way AirPods are designed to fit inside the ear, a lot of other sounds can also leak in. This isn’t the case with Powerbeats Pro, which has more external coverage built-in to block out the outside world much better.

Another factor in determining the earphones with the better sound is frequency response. As a music listener, you want to hear the highest highs and the lowest lows. You shouldn’t have to blast your music to do so. 

Again, because of the AirPods design, you may miss out on some of these small details. Noise from the outside world may make both high and low pitched sounds far harder to hear when you are listening at a lower or even moderate volume.

This may not seem like a big deal, but it is. Missing out on certain tones can change your music listening experience entirely.


Neither of these earphone brands are cheap, which is why it’s important to consider every factor before making your final decision.

However, the AirPods are a little more inexpensive. Regular AirPods are currently $159 with a standard charging case included. 

Powerbeats Pro, on the other hand, is on sale for $199 right now, but they can cost as much as $249 at full price.

If you want to save money, then AirPods are your likely choice, but if the other factors above play a part in your decision, then the extra money for Powerbeats Pro may be worth it for you.

AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro: It’s Your Call

It was a rough and tumble battle, but in the championship round between AirPods vs. Powerbeats Pro, it seems that Powerbeats Pro is the clear winner. Between battery life, features, sound, price, and fit, Powerbeats Pro comes out on top in almost every category. It seems that this will likely be an easy decision to make.

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