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Russ Feingold Wants To End Governor Appointed Senators

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I like the idea in theory, but I always thought that Governors replaced Senators because it’s too costly to have special elections and somebody needs to serve in the interim. Still, this seems like the type of amendment that could easily garner bi-partisan support. From Political Wire: The controversies surrounding some of the recent gubernatorial […]

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Larry Kudlow Talks About Obama’s Dinner With Conservative Pundits

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By now you’ve probably heard about the dinner Obama attended that featured the stalwarts of the right-wing media glitterati, but you hadn’t heard about what actually went down. Kudlow doesn’t really spill the beans on the content, but perhaps what’s more revealing is the mood…which could bode well for Obama’s ability to reach across the […]

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Obama To Create/Appoint Chief Performance Officer Position

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The announcement will come tomorrow, and the job description is all about reform: Go through the federal budget line by line and cut the fat. Hold agencies accountable. Restore fiscal discipline. In case you don’t remember, Obama outlined this as part of his reform agenda during the campaign… Barack Obama and Joe Biden will create […]

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Pardon…Or No Pardon?

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No pardon. Here’s some background on the initial pardon… Toussie pleaded guilty to charges in two separate cases. In one, he admitted in 2001 that he had made false statements to the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development, pleading guilty to a count of falsifying loan documents that illegally qualified about 100 home buyers […]

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Why Warren Invocation Is Right Signal For Unity

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Good Decisions, Religion, Sexuality

On its face, the Warren pick seems like a slap in the face to the progressive gay movement, and I can understand why this group would be incensed. Here you have the first African-American President inviting one of the most high profile supporters of Prop 8 to speak at the inauguration. And it’s not like […]

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Obama Transition Answers Americans’ Questions

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They said they would, and so here are the Qs and the As. From Q: “Will you lift the ban on Stem Cell research in your first 100 days in office?” James_M, Nashville, TN A: President-elect Obama is a strong supporter of Federal funding for responsible stem cell research and he has pledged to […]

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How CEOs Should Act

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Japan Airline’s President and CEO Haruka Nishimatsu is the model by which all other CEOs should be measured. Take a look… Juxtapose these actions with the nonsense we heard about yesterday from Merrill Lynch’s completely out-of-touch CEO who wanted a $10M bonus for selling the company to Bank Of America before it failed. Here’s more […]

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More Transparency From Obama Transition

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It wasn’t just talk. He promised and he’s delivering… Transition chairman John Podesta wrote a memo to the transition staff outlining the initiative, dubbed the “Seat at the Table” policy. Any documents produced from meetings between the transition team and outside organizations will be posted on The idea is for Americans to offer comments […]

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A Story About Spreading The Wealth

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When I hear stories like this, I wonder why it doesn’t happen more often. And furthermore, why do companies look at employees like they’re commodities instead of human beings who deserve to share the wealth for their hard work? Regardless, this is a great story and one we can all be thankful for. From MSNBC: […]

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Obama Announces National Security Team On Monday

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10:40 a.m. ET to be exact. We all know the names by now. Gen. Jim Jones for National Security Adviser. Robert Gates for Defense Secretary. And Hillary Clinton for Secretary of State. CNN has the other names… Also, two sources close to the transition said Obama will nominate Susan Rice as United Nations ambassador, Arizona […]

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