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Last Thoughts On the Bush Presidency

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Bush, Economy, Hurricane Katrina, The War On Terrorism

As we move within 24 hours of inaugurating a new president, most of America’s attention is focused on the future, with a great many Americans hopeful about Barack Obama and his coming presidency. But what about the guy packing up the White House? Does he deserve more than a passing goodbye after eight years? Bush […]

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Gustav Headed Towards Category 5

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in FEMA, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, In The News

Forecasters are now predicting that Hurricane Gustav will become a category five storm sometime soon. As you all undoubtedly know, Gustav is the first major hurricane to threaten the Gulf Coast since Katrina and Rita in 2005. The question now is: have we learned anything? Evacuation plans are in effect for New Orleans and other […]

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FEMA Trailers Back In The News

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in FEMA, Hurricane Katrina

We talked about this in July 2007, and now FEMA has finally issued a warning that people need to move out of their FEMA-issued trailers because they could be bad for their health. From USA Today: NEW ORLEANS — Paul Stewart knew as soon as he moved into his government-issued trailer in December 2005 that […]

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Court Rules Against Katrina Victims

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina, Law, Money

We could call it criminal, another example of a heartless insurance industry, etc. But it looks pretty clear that these people’s homes weren’t covered for flood damage. From the Chicago Trib: Allstate Corp. and other insurers won their latest battle over Hurricane Katrina damages as a U.S. appeals court in Louisiana on Thursday ruled against […]

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FEMA’s Toxic Trailers

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina, Money

As if survivors of the hurricanes didn’t have enough to worry about, now comes word that some of them suffered illnesses as a result of living in those trailers. Could it be because the trailers were sitting out in the open sun in a Hope, AK airport for a year and a half before people […]

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Rebuilt Levees Worse Than Before Katrina?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History, Hurricane Katrina

Yep, we’re staring another disaster in the face as hurricane season approaches New Orleans. From National Geographic: Almost a year ago the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers declared that it had restored New Orleans’ levees and floodwalls to pre-Hurricane Katrina strength. But the system is actually riddled with flaws, and a storm even weaker than […]

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One Advantage To The FEMA Trailer Sale

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Cartoons, Hurricane Katrina, Military

(h/t: TMV) Tweet

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FEMA Trailers For Sale

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History, Hurricane Katrina

UPDATE: Want more info? Read some of these stories too. More Speak About FEMA Trailer Woes. FEMA Trailer Driver Speaks. FEMA Trailers Still In Arkansas. ———– ORIGINAL POST: That’s right. Come one, come all, to one of the biggest sales of mostly, sorta, never used trailers in the history of the world! More from the […]

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FEMA Recommendations Overruled By Bush

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina, Legislation

Just read this from The Boston Globe: WASHINGTON — President Bush this week asserted that he has the executive authority to disobey a new law in which Congress has set minimum qualifications for future heads of the Federal Emergency Management Agency. […] Bush signed the homeland-security bill on Wednesday morning. Then, hours later, he issued […]

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Feeding Frenzy: What’s Eating Us?

By Daniel DiRito | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Discuss, Good Decisions, Health Care, Hurricane Katrina, In The News, Media, Science, The World

We live in a world that likes to focus on flash…the best news is breaking news that portrays the latest tragedy…whether that be a plane crash, a shooting, or any of a number of calamities. At the same time, slower burning, less inflammatory catastrophes unfold at a reliably steady pace each day. The question is […]

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