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Remember New Orleans

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

A reader writes… Hi. I just wanted to thank you for listing my website as a business to support last Christmas 2005. Every bit is so appreciated. As you well know, we are still very much hurting down here. Everyone (all levels of govt) seems to be passing the buck and the people here are […]

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Now, Did Anyone See This Storm Coming?

By Denise Best | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina, In The News

Is anyone surprised? Amid cries that boiled down to “throw aid ($$) at it,” Congress did what the media and public response demanded and the result is catastrophic waste Among the many superlatives associated with Hurricane Katrina can now be added this one: it produced one of the most extraordinary displays of scams, schemes and […]

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Global Warming, Hurricane Katrina and the National Science Foundation

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Environment, Hurricane Katrina

The National Science Foundation commissioned a study on Hurricane Katrina. The question being asked? Did global warming have any effect on the strength of the storm? Here’s an excerpt of the release from the group that conducted the study, the National Center for Atmospheric Research: Global warming does not guarantee that each year will set […]

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Two In The Chest. One In The Head.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina, Money

It’s time to put FEMA out of its misery. “But why?” you ask. Read this. Tweet

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FEMA, Please Don’t Forget Katrina Victims

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

From the comments section of a recent post about FEMA woes, we find these comments. First, Lena Wichterich says: I AM SOOOO ANGRY!!!! just like everyone else, my parents and I have lost everything and it’s been 8 mths and we still feel like it happened yesterday! Of course I got my measily ten thousand […]

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FEMA: We Can Rebuild It

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in General Politics, Hurricane Katrina

…but first it must be destroyed… And after the response to Katrina, this isn’t a shock… WASHINGTON â€â€? Hurricane Katrina exposed flaws in the Federal Emergency Management Agency and the Department of Homeland Security that are “too substantial to mend,” and FEMA should be dismantled and rebuilt inside the troubled department, according to the final […]

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More Speak About FEMA Trailer Woes

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

From the comments section of our “FEMA Trailer Driver Speaks” post. First, a resident of Louisana who lost everything, moved back and is ashamed with the response of the government: I live in Slidell Louisiana and I am very angry about all of this. My house flooded and I lost everything as well as my […]

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More FEMA “Fun”

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

FEMA has said this home is habitable. And this one… And this one… More… The Federal Emergency Management Agency has notified about 8,900 heads of households in Houston, representing more than 20,000 Katrina evacuees, that they will be ineligible for the cash assistance intended to replace a massive city voucher program that has paid their […]

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EXCLUSIVE: FEMA Trailer Driver Speaks

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Hurricane Katrina, Money

A couple weeks ago I found an interesting comment in our FEMA Trailers post. Apparently, Jimmy Hall says he drove some of the FEMA trailers to Arkansas and Florida. Since then, I’ve emailed back and forth with him and he’s provided us with photos that only an driver could have taken. Some of them are […]

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Michael Brown (Yes, That One) Responds At TMV

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Hurricane Katrina

The Moderate Voice’s Joe Gandelman apologizes… Dear Michael Brown: We were wrong. And we owe you an apology. In watching the recent videos of videoconferences immediately before and during Katrina, we were struck by one fact: in these tapes you are the one virtually clamoring for government action. In fact, at one point it seemed […]

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