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Mitt Romney, And The Wealth Of A Statesman (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Ethics, In The News, Romney, Taxes

As the primaries drag on, and the candidates make their cases for Nationwide hot button issues that effect their voter sway, a lot of us focus on the financial crisis that stares down on America. Mitt Romney, for example, has a tax plan that so clearly favors the rich, and from that stems the curiousity […]

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News Headlines for Independents

By Nancy Hanks | Related entries in In The News, Independents, News, Politics, Polls

INDEPENDENT VOTERS Continued look at who independent voters are/are not and Obama’s poll numbers… A reminder: Most ‘independent’ voters aren’t (LA Times/Top of the Ticket) Sick and Tired of Republicans and Democrats? New Parties Say They Offer Alternatives (By James King, Phoenix News Times) Pa.’s Sestak plans Tuesday announcement (USA Today) Poll: Pennsylvania ranks 20th […]

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How TO Pay for Health Care Reform

By Solomon Kleinsmith | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Bipartisan, Congress, Economy, Fiscal Responsibility, In The News, Independents, Legislation, News, Politics, Polls, Spending

In my last post I detailed some of the roadblocks that have kept the Democratic leadership in Washington from finding a way to pass a major health care reform bill with a public option. They’ve whittled the cost of the bill down a few hundred billion dollars by negotiating concessions from drug companies and hospitals, […]

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(ANP Video) Bank CEO and TARP Recipient Says Government Bailout is Failing Community Banks

By American News Project | Related entries in Bailouts, Bush, Crazy, D.C., Economy, In The News, Maryland, Media, Money, Ron Paul, Video, WTF?

You’d think that Ron Paul, CEO of Eagle Bank, would be thrilled to receive $38 million dollars in TARP funds. But, it turns out, he’s pretty frustrated. This is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project. As another $350 billion goes out the door, ANP looks at one small bailed-out bank. Eagle Bank is having […]

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ANP (WATCH): Congress Ignored Critical Bailout Oversight Provision—No Way to Follow the Money

By American News Project | Related entries in Bush, Business, Cartoons, Congress, D.C., Dodd, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Economy, In The News, New York, Senate, United States, Video, Wall Street, WTF?

Hi, this is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project. My colleague, Lagan Sebert, and I just published a new video on the bailout and a lack of serious oversight. Today, Henry Paulson urged Congress to release the second half of the $700 billion of the bailout money. But no one seems know what banks […]

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The Chicago Way — The American Way?

By John Burke | Related entries in Democrats, General Politics, Illinois, In The News, News

  Former Illinois Governor George H. Ryan (above) is the Republican who preceded Democrat Rod Blagojevich in the Springfield state house and may soon be joined by Blagojevich at the nearest Federal Big House.  Ryan, who served one term as Governor from 1999 to 2003, was convicted in 2006 for his role in the widespread […]

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Meet Marge Tartaglione, Philly Voting Czar

By American News Project | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Breaking News, Constitution, D.C., Democrats, Discuss, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Electoral College, General Politics, In The News, Law, Media, Pennsylvania, Republicans, United States, Voting, WTF?

Philadelphia is shaping up to be a key city in a key battleground state in this election, but machine problems and long lines may plague the polling stations and voter disenfranchisement will be a serious risk. Unfortunately for voters, the people charged with running a smooth election in Philly seem surprisingly unconcerned. Philly’s veritable election czar, Marge Tartaglione (D), in particular, shocked ANP with her comments at a recent hearing. See more videos at

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ANP: Voters Sue Pennsylvania, Election Official Scoffs

By American News Project | Related entries in D.C., Democrats, Discuss, Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Elections, Electoral College, Ethics, In The News, Internet, Media, News, Pennsylvania, Polls, Race, Video, Voting, WTF?

Hi, this is Danielle Ivory at the American News Project in DC. Thanks to Justin Gardner for allowing us to post story items here! We’ll start doing this regularly next week. Just by way of introduction, the ANP is an independent non-profit video news organization in DC. We produce pieces for the web, but offer […]

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Gustav Headed Towards Category 5

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in FEMA, Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita, In The News

Forecasters are now predicting that Hurricane Gustav will become a category five storm sometime soon. As you all undoubtedly know, Gustav is the first major hurricane to threaten the Gulf Coast since Katrina and Rita in 2005. The question now is: have we learned anything? Evacuation plans are in effect for New Orleans and other […]

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Can the Airline Industry be Saved?

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Gas, In The News

To put it mildly, without a dramatic reduction in fuel prices, airlines in America are screwed. They were struggling even before the rise in oil prices and it would hardly be a stretch to call the industry one of the most disliked in America. The only service left to airline passengers is low fares. If […]

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