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American Airlines Pretends New Bag Fee No Big Deal

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in In The News

One of the recent signs that the airline industry is not doing well is American Airlines’ decision to charge $15 for your first checked bag. But, hey, now the airline is saying it’s not that big of a deal. Apparently only one in four passengers checks a bag. But the real kicker to AA’s statement […]

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Keffiyeh Chic and Symbolic Meanings

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Conservatism, In The News, Islam, Terrorism

The blogosphere can cough up a lot of interesting controversies. This week’s revolved around a Dunkin Donuts’ online ad featuring Rachel Ray in a scarf similar to the Arab keffiyeh which has come to symbolize Palestinian militantism. The company pulled the spot after conservative commentators, most notably Michelle Malkin, harshly criticized Ray’s clothing choice, claiming […]

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China’s Torch on top of Tibet

By donar | Related entries in Cartoons, China, In The News, Olympics, Political Graffiti, Sports, The World

My cartoon was linked to post from the NYTimes (Click on Bob McCarty) NYTIMES link Tweet

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Spitzer Deserves What He Gets

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in In The News, Law, New York

In reading blog coverage and comments about the Eliot Spitzer prostitution scandal, I’ve gotten the sense that there are a lot of people who think this is no big deal. The underlying assumption is the either prostitution is not worth enforcing or that this particular case should be a private matter for the Spitzer family. […]

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The dude with white hair – A DoodTube surge.

By mw | Related entries in Economy, Hillary, In The News, Video

Senator Dodd speaks with authority and clarity about a complex problem that affects millions of Americans facing foreclosure on badly constructed and/or misrepresented loans, as well as a panicky credit market and business community. The interview is conducted on CNBC – the business channel of record – where he has a dialog with business journalists, not as presidential candidate, but as an important actor on the American economic stage.

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Just Don’t Think About It.

By Michael Reynolds | Related entries in In The News, News

On NPR a guy who missed the bridge collapse by a minute. He says, (my best recollection) “If I hadn’t brushed my teeth, if I hadn’t changed a Band-aid, I’d have been on that bridge.” On MSNBC a girl who was in the car with her mother right behind the famous school bus. They pulled […]

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Last thoughts on Dem debate.

By mw | Related entries in Blogging, Elections, In The News, Partisan Hacks

Biden was best, again.Richardson exceeded low expectations. Obama fell short of high expectations. Edwards fell short of low expectations. Kucinich met zero expectations. That other guy has white hair. Mike Gravel’s shtick is not as entertaining as YouTube videos. YouTube questions were better and more entertaining than Britt Hume. YouTube questions were not that entertaining. It is Hillary Clinton’s nomination to lose. She didn’t lose it Monday night. Chuck Hagel is the GOP’s only hope. The GOP has no hope. None.

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Looking Glass Liars

By mw | Related entries in In The News, Law, Partisan Hacks

If a high-ranking official lies under oath, you take that official to the wall. No one is above the law. No one has the option of lying under oath without paying the consequences.

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Who Is Baking The Immigration Cake?

By Daniel DiRito | Related entries in Elections, General Politics, Immigration, In The News, Partisan Hacks, Polls, Social Programs

I’ve yet to comment on the recent immigration debate, though I have previously shared my thoughts on the topic at Thought Theater. Having recently spent some time ruminating on the relevant issues, along with today’s reading of George Will’s latest commentary, I’m ready to take another swipe at the subject. There seems to be a […]

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Memories of Greensburg

By Sean Aqui | Related entries in History, In The News, News

Saturday morning, I woke up and went downstairs to start making breakfast. Sleepily, I turned on the radio to listen to the news. My head was in the refrigerator when I thought I heard the announcer say that Greensburg, Kansas, had been destroyed by a tornado. I popped my head out of the fridge and […]

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