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McCain Wins Debate!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Debates, Internet, McCain, Media

Haha, you really can’t make stuff like this up. From Wash Post: “McCain Wins Debate!” declares the ad which features a headshot of a smiling McCain with an American flag background. Another ad spotted by our eagle-eyed observer featured a quote from McCain campaign manager Rick Davis declaring: “McCain won the debate– hands down.” This […]

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Obama’s New Ad About McCain Is Hacky

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Internet, Media, Republicans, Technology, Video

It’s pretty widely known that McCain is nearly computer illiterate, and that’s a troubling notion in and of itself. And with the technological challenges we’re currently facing and will be in the next 4 years, one would think that having a good grasp of receiving and sending email would be a prerequisite for being President. […]

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McCain’s Disturbing Internet Ignorance

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Internet, McCain

John Murrell of Good Morning Silicon Valley has a good post up noting a recent New York Times interview where John McCain admits to Internet illiteracy. Murrell comments: OK, if he were the 72-year-old guy down the block, I could cut him some slack. Whatever age you are, if you don’t have any use for […]

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Independents and Online Activism

By Marcia Ford | Related entries in Independents, Internet, News

Despite all the advantages independent voters have — like never feeling beholden to a major party — we’ve historically had one serious disadvantage: finding each other. It’s not as if we had an umbrella organization that held annual conferences or nominating conventions; we’re independents, after all, and not exactly joiners by nature. All that changed when God created the […]

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When Will Lieberman Apologize To Lamont?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Connecticut, Democrats, History, Independents, Internet, Lieberman, Technology

Back in Fall 2006, Joe’s website went down and his campaign blamed the rival Ned Lamont’s campaign…mostly because the netroots were backing Lamont and it was an easy accusation to make against bloggers. Well, it turns out that not only did Lamont not have anything to do with it, but Lieberman’s people knew the real […]

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On Obama, Drudge And Hillary

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Hillary, Internet, Media

Andrys Basten writes in the comments section of my recent post about the Drudge/Hillary/Obama muslim garb photo smear… If someone sends you an email, Justin, do you then tell people you “obtained” it? Drudge never said he got an email from the Clinton staff, only that a Clinton staffer had ‘circulated’ it in email, which […]

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Revisiting Drudge, Hillary & Obama’s Turban Photo

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Democrats, Hillary, Internet, Media, Pictures

As decidedly anti-Clinton as he is, Sully still makes a sage observation today: He’s about scoops, and gets them. But once you realize that the Clintons’ tax returns and the Olympics ceremony boycott stories came from the Clinton camp, do you still believe that photo of Obama in a turban fell off a turnip truck? […]

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The Internet? Bah!

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Dumb Things Said By Smart People, Hillary, Internet, Technology

Check out this article from Newsweek, circa 1995: After two decades online, I’m perplexed. It’s not that I haven’t had a gas of a good time on the Internet. I’ve met great people and even caught a hacker or two. But today, I’m uneasy about this most trendy and oversold community. Visionaries see a future […]

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