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How Bloodstain Analysis Works (INFOGRAPHIC)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Law Enforcement

When a crime scene involves blood, the outcome of the situation was probably a sever injury, or worse yet, death. When that happens, law enforcement officials call upon experts in the field of bloodstain pattern analysis (BPA), to figure out what happened. Blood can tell a lot about what happened to a person with a […]

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A Day in the Life of a Prisoner (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Law, Law Enforcement

As we’ve covered before on Donklephant, while the US justice system is one of the best in the world, it is not without flaws. Every once in a while someone gets wrongfully convicted. As John Adams famously said, “It is more important that innocence be protected than it is that guilt be punished”. But what […]

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Not Guilty: Wrongful Conviction In The US (Infographic)

By Greg Voakes | Related entries in Law Enforcement

The US legal system is one of the best in the world, but it isn’t without its flaws. The exact number of wrongful convictions will never actually be known, which is why it’s considered one of the most detrimental flaws of the US legal system as a whole. This infographic from Forensic Science details a […]

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Missouri SWAT Video Reveals The Real Drug War

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Drugs, Law, Law Enforcement, Missouri, Video

The following video is heartbreaking, especially since it happened in my state. Still, this is happening every day in every other state over completely victimless crimes. Here’s a quick explanation if you can’t watch the video (via Radley Balko)… SWAT team breaks into home, fires seven rounds at family’s pit bull and corgi (?!) as […]

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FBI Thwarts Terrorist Plot

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Law Enforcement, Terrorism

The FBI has foiled another terrorist plot, this one in New York and involving the planned bombing of synagogues and the shooting down of a military plane. The FBI was apparently all over this, following the would-be attackers for quite awhile and even supplying them with fake C-4 through an informant. In fact, while the […]

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