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S.E.C. Comes Out Swinging Against Goldman Sachs

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Law, Money

Between this and their “high frequency trading”…are we seeing karma coming back around on GS? From NY Times: Goldman Sachs, the Wall Street powerhouse, was accused of securities fraud in a civil lawsuit filed Friday by the Securities and Exchange Commission, which claims the bank created and sold a mortgage investment that was secretly intended […]

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Hot girl-on-girl action!

By Jacob | Related entries in Homosexuality, Law, Marriage, News, Religion, Sexuality, Video

Flipping through the channels last night, I happened upon this programming masterpiece and lingered because two attractive, lingerie-clad women were making out on a bed. The scene ended and the show was REALLY bad so I moved on. My beautiful wife looked up from her laptop and said something to the effect of “WTF is […]

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Pfizer Abandons Site Condemned In Infamous Kelo v. New London Case

By Doug Mataconis | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Law

In the annals of Supreme Court history, there are perhaps only a handful of cases that go down in history as more egregious than what happened in Suzette Kelo v. City of New London. In that case, the Supreme Court approved an eminent domain taking by the City of New London, Connecticut that involved taking […]

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Obama Backs States In Medical Marijuana Cases

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Drugs, Law, Obama

The jokes will be legion, but the policy is sound. And this is a move that Libertarians, Republicans and Democrats can all applaud. From The AP:The jokes will be legion, but the policy is sound. And this is a move that libertarians, republicans and democrats can all applaud. From The AP: WASHINGTON (AP) — The […]

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Sheperd Fairey Lied About Using Obama Photo. However…

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Art, Barack, Law, Obama

So, it looks like the artist behind the iconic poster of Barack Obama actually did use an A.P. image as a template to create it. Still, there’s a lot to discuss about copyright infringement, Fair Use, etc. However, first the details from the NY Times: The A.P. claimed in January that Mr. Fairey owed them […]

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The Economics Of Getting Sick: Rescissions & Fraud

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Economy, Health Care, Law, Money

If you’re not familiar with the word rescission, this is the practice of canceling policies because people didn’t reveal a preexisting condition. And it’s one of the key reasons why the health insurance companies can claim that there’s $100 billion in health care fraud every year. Here’s one example of what they consider fraud… “They […]

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Mexico Decriminalizes Some Recreational Drug Possession

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Drugs, Law, Legislation, Mexico

So Canada has basically decriminalized marijuana possession and Mexico has added cocaine, meth, heroin and LSD to the mix. Wonder what’s going to happen in the US in the next decade…especially given the current reality in California where shops are selling pot out in the open? The Daily Beast has more… In an effort to […]

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Florida Sex Offenders Forced To Live Under A Bridge?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Florida, Law, Video

You may have heard about this before, and one Florida lawmaker is finally doing something about it. Yes, I realize these laws are meant to prevent repeat offenses, but either up the penalties for those offenses or just leave them be. Once somebody gets out of prison, that should be it. End of story. If […]

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Rove Behind Politically Motivated US Attorney Firings

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in History, Law, Rove

Many of us are already regard the Bush administration as a bad, distant memory, but today we’re reminded of just how morally bankrupt they were. From Wash Post: The dismissal of U.S. Attorney David C. Iglesias of New Mexico in December 2006 followed extensive communication among lawyers and political aides in the White House who […]

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No Mre Txting N Drvng?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Good Decisions, Law, Technology

After the release of a study that showed somebody is 23 times more likely to get into an accident, Dems in Congress are working on legislation that would make it illegal across the country. From the AP: WASHINGTON — States would be required to ban driving while texting or face the loss of highway funds […]

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