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Why the left whining about “False Equivalence” is equivalent to the right whining about “Liberal Media Bias”

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The President’s comments at the Associated Press luncheon on Tuesday received a great deal of media attention. the President thinks the press might be afflicted by an “impulse” to suggest that both Republicans and Democrats are at fault for failing to compromise. He goes on to patiently explain that this is completely untrue – in fact this is “false equivalence” and bad reporting. The charge of “false equivalence” from the left is nothing more or less than political spin hoping to have the identical effect on perception of MSM reporting that the right seeks to achieve with “Liberal media bias.”

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What better way to learn about infographics than an infographic about infographics? Most infographics are focused on the use of infographics in business to promote an product or service you might not know you need or want. What is needed is an infographic focused on the use of infographics in politics to promote an idea that you might otherwise consider laughable, nonsensical and unsupportable.

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Schmidt Agonistes – Game Change – Book Review and Blog Backwash

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Heilemann and Halperin make extensive use of anonymous sources to bolster their claim of an ultimate insider perspective with unique insights into the historic 2008 campaign. It is clear that the book was anonymously sourced primarily by the operatives, campaign staff, aides, and professional politicos who managed the major campaigns. While not all emerged unscathed, to the extent that any sympathetic characters are to be found in Game Change – it is these campaign operatives. Whether they deserve that treatment is another matter. To a large extent, the authors reported their stories, through their eyes, and unsurprisingly, they told stories that made themselves look good. In the process, most of the politicians, candidates, their spouses, and competing campaign staff are made to look bad. Nowhere is this more obvious or true than in the four chapters distilled into the movie. It is clear from the promotion and early reviews of Game Change The Movie that Steve Schmidt (played by Woody Harrelson) is the primary source for the four chapters of the book that the movie is based on

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It’s Halftime in Mexico, Canada and Italy

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If there is a political message to found here, it has nothing to do with the advertisement itself. The ad is doing exactly what any good ad should do. In fact, it does more – Memeorandum is tracking reactions, people are writing columns about it, it is being posted on blogs and social networks. Chrysler is getting more than their money’s worth from this spot.

The political problem is with the underlying company. The problem is with the moral hazard unleashed when they were bailed out with taxpayer money. The problem is with the subsequent heavy handed politically motivated machinations orchestrated by the Obama administration in the bankruptcy proceedings. I would not want to buy a car from that company.

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South Sudan Now A New Country

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So, as I was drinking my coffee and combing through my Facebook feed this morning (because I just don’t get the Google+ thing), I stumbled across this article and found it most interesting: South Sudan has become the world’s newest nation, the climax of a process made possible by the 2005 peace deal that ended […]

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VIDEO: News Outlet Sensationalizes Jon Stewart Interview About Media Sensationalism

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Apparently the irony was lost on the Mail Online editors when choosing the hook for this story: It was pitched as a classic grudge match between the left and right of network television. And when Daily Show host Jon Stewart entered the ‘lions den’ of Fox News Sunday with Chris Wallace, the results did not […]

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Jon Stewart: Media is Lazy, Sensationalist

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But he doesn’t think they have a liberal agenda. From Politico: “”I think their bias is towards sensationalism and laziness. I wouldn’t say its towards a liberal agenda. It’s light fluff so it’s absolutely within the wheelhouse,” Stewart said. “”If your suggestion is that they’re restlessly partisan, then why haven’t they gone and backed away […]

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VIDEO: Obama And Meyers Kill At White House Correspondence Dinner

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I wouldn’t want to be Donald Trump today. Ouch. Obama’s part opened with the theme song “I Am A Real American,” and it just got worse for Trump from there. Trump jokes are at 9:45 in, but you’ll probably want to watch the whole thing. And then SNL’s Seth Meyers weighed in. His Trump jokes […]

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Rest In Peace David Broder

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One of the most fair, evenhanded journalists in the game has passed today. Among his many accomplishments… In 1973, Mr. Broder and The Post each won Pulitzers for coverage of the Watergate scandal that led to President Richard M. Nixon’s resignation. Mr. Broder’s citation was for explaining the importance of the Watergate fallout in a […]

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Jackass Journalism

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I can’t get too worked up about this latest episode of Jackass Journalism* – the art of pranking political opposition in the hope of getting politically stupid and embarrassing quotes on tape, with extra points for reinforcing your teams worst stereotypes of the other team.

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