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Barbarians at the Gates: What does scholar’s arrest really say about race in America?

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About the author: Byron C. Tau is a journalism graduate student at Georgetown and a recent graduate of McGill University in Montreal. You can find him all over the Internet, from his politics and commentary website Heartless and Brainless to his Twitter account to his personal blog. His favorite topics tend to be civil liberties […]

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Quote Of The Day – Race And Responsibility

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Quotes, Race

“We’ve got to say to our children, yes, if you’re African American, the odds of growing up amid crime and gangs are higher. Yes, if you live in a poor neighborhood, you will face challenges that someone in a wealthy suburb does not have to face. That’s not a reason to get bad grades. That’s […]

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Supreme Court Rules Firefighter Test Cannot Be Invalidated

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Race, Supreme Court

In a 5-4 vote, the Supreme Court has reversed the appellate court decision on a controversial race case involving firefighters in New Haven, Connecticut. Previously, the appellate court including Supreme Court nominee Sonia Sotomayor, ruled that the city of New Haven did nothing wrong by throwing out the results of a promotion exam because no […]

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GOP Strategists Surprised By Newt’s Sotomayor Attacks

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Newt, Race, Republicans, Supreme Court

Looks like I’m not the only one. From Huff Post: “Of course this disturbs me,” said Lionel Sosa, one of the more influential Hispanic media advisers in the GOP. “I’m not surprised at Rush Limbaugh but I’m very surprised at Speaker Gingrich because he is one of the key people who knows the importance of […]

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Sotomayor’s Record On Race Speaks For Itself

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Race, Supreme Court

The last paragraph in SCOTUSblog’s evaluation of her decisions on race says it all… In sum, in an eleven-year career on the Second Circuit, Judge Sotomayor has participated in roughly 100 panel decisions involving questions of race and has disagreed with her colleagues in those cases (a fair measure of whether she is an outlier) […]

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MLK Predicted Black President In 40 Years

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, History, Race, Video

Check out the clip at the BBC. However, I will offer one question to this: do you view Obama as an “African-American” president? Yes, I know he is and it’s a historic day, but (to me at least) he just seems like the President. And maybe that’s the most enduring legacy of MLK’s work…that race […]

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Chip Saltsman Helped By “Magic Negro” Controversy?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Bad Decisions, Barack, Race, Republicans

Here’s the deal…if Chip Saltsman can honestly spin this whole flap by saying that those who called him out for his racially insensitivity are simply pandering to the national press, well, the GOP has truly become the party of clueless white people. Politico explores the acute tone deafness: Four days after news broke that the […]

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Charlie Crist Jockeying For 2012?

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in crist, Race, Republicans

Along with Michael Steele, Charlie Crist seems to be attempting to move the Republican party into the 21st Century. Here’s a statement he recently put out about the Chip Saltsman/”Barack The Magic Negro” stupidity… As the GOP Chairman in one of our nation’s most ethnically and culturally diverse states, I am especially disappointed by the […]

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Jon Stewart On Prop 8 Passage

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in California, Marriage, Race, Sexuality, Video

As usual, he’s pitch perfect… Yes, the idea that increased African American turnout may have helped passed this ridiculous discrimination so tragically ironic it hurts. I mean…69% supported this ban? In California?? Really??? Truly crazy stuff. And it proves, yet again, that discrimination knows no color and we have a long, long way to go […]

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…That All Mean Are Created Equal.

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Barack, Cartoons, Race

Yes folks, it was more than just an election. And now we can finally say goodbye to all that. Tweet

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