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Coffee Review: BuyWell’s French Roast

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Reviews

Trying/reviewing another coffee today and it’s a double dark French Roast this time. The grind smelled just as good as the Guatemalan Fuego, but for different reasons. Lots of strong, robust smokiness. Oddly enough, when it started brewing, the house didn’t fill with as strong of an aroma as the Fuego. But I find that’s […]

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Coffee Review: BuyWell’s Guatemala Fuego

By Justin Gardner | Related entries in Reviews

I have a little ritual on Sundays: brew a pot of coffee, turn on the tube and watch the the talking head shows. So when the folks over at BuyWell (their ad is in the middle column) contacted me and said they wanted to send me some organically grown coffee to try, I jumped at […]

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