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Helium-3: Energy Godsend?

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I’ve been genuinely intrigued at how much fiction and reality have been intersecting recently. See, there’s this film called MOON and it follows the story of a guy working on the far side of the moon who figures out that there’s a lot more to his mission than collecting the natural resource Helium-3. It’s a […]

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Obama meets with Medvedev and/or Putin

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North Korea Has Our Attention. Now What?

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in China, Foreign Policy, North Korea, Nuclear, Russia

Well, North Korea has the world’s attention. Exploding a nuclear bomb and launching missile tests will do that. All that’s left now is for the world to respond. North Korea has long been a foreign policy conundrum, frustrating a long line of U.S. presidents who’ve attempted to stop the so-called hermit nation from threatening its […]

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US And Russia Agree To Arms Deal Within The Year?

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Some good news already from G20: After a meeting between the two men in London, on the eve of the G20 summit, President Obama also accepted an invitation to fly to Moscow in July, by which time both sides hope negotiators from both countries will have worked out an arms control deal to replace the […]

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Meanwhile, In Russia…

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Yesterday they cut off their natural gas supply to the Ukraine. Completely. That also means the supply to numerous European countries has been severely diminished. From AP: The Russia-Ukraine natural gas dispute hit Europe with the force of a winter storm Tuesday, cutting or limiting supplies to nearly a dozen nations. Tens of thousands of […]

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Russia’s Christmas message to Obama: We will use force

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For the second time since the Barack Obama won the U.S. Presidential election, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a none-too-subtle threat aimed at his soon-to-be American counterpart. Medvedev — who is starting to make his patron, the former KGB apparatchik, Vladimir Putin, look soft — warned that Russia was prepared to use force to secure […]

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Former Ambassador Says Georgia Started Russia/Georgia Conflict

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Keep in mind that the following is coming from a critic of the Georgian administration, but he was an insider and he also went before his own government to give his assessment of the situation. From BBC: Erosi Kitsmarishvili, a former envoy to Russia, was testifying at a parliamentary commission hearing into the war the […]

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Russia Extends Presidency From 4 To 6 Years

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Vladimir Putin continues to consolidate power… From TNR: If any proof were needed that the Russian political system operates in its own time-space continuum, it came this morning, when the parliament decided to deal with the country’s economic meltdown by amending its constitution. The Duma fixed the 1993 text by decoupling presidential and parliamentary elections […]

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New Yorker On Palin’s Foreign Policy Experience

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Yes, they went there. But hey, you can’t say we didn’t warn Palin. I railed against that idiotic “Russia/Alaska” assertion from day one, but the McCain camp continued to push it. And so they have to deal with copious amounts of ridicule and scorn. Not just because the point itself was dumb, but also because […]

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Colin Powell On Russia/Georgia Conflict: Georgia Started It

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I watched part of CNN’s “The Next President: A World of Challenges” forum on Sunday, but I missed this bit that reveals Colin Powell not only saying that Georgia started it, but it also appears that he backs away a bit from McCain’s response to the crisis. As I’ve said before, Colin Powell’s endorsement could […]

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