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George’s Georgia

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Steve Doocy Dishes A Doozy On Palin’s Experience

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Just watch… That’s right. Sarah Palin has foreign relations experience because Alaska is near Russia. Wow. I also love how the other guy on panel talks about how politics is all about exceeding expectations. And since expectations are extremely low for Palin, she’ll be able to impress people. I’m sorry, but isn’t that exactly how […]

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Lessons Learned After The Cold War

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Andrew Sullivan pens one of the more level headed walks through the post Cold War era and details where we find ourselves now and where we must go… The end of the Cold War was an opportunity to create a new one. For some, we now realize, the Cold War was not about democratic values […]

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Bob Barr Talks Russia/Georgia Conflict

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And makes a lot of sense… “Obviously, America should encourage both countries to back down and resolve their differences peacefully,” explains Barr. But “the status of South Ossetia, as well as Abkhazia, another Russian-supported separatist zone within Georgia, matters a lot more to Russia, on which the two territories border, than to the U.S. Moreover, […]

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We Are All Georgians?

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John McCain’s latest editorial is entitled “We Are All Georgians” and I have to say pretty bluntly that McCain absolutely does not speak for me. First off, McCain’s not the President. Obviously he knows this, but when he says something so broad it feels like he’s speaking for America. Perhaps this isn’t what he meant, […]

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Russia Elevates Georgia Crisis

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Reports today that Russian forces have left South Ossetia and are moving toward Georgia’s capital of Tbilisi are troubling to say the very least. If Russia does indeed try to take the entire country by force and overthrow the government, we’re looking at a brand new geo-political ball game. Now, there’s no indication that permanently […]

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On McCain’s Russian Response

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Greg Djerejian echoes what many in the blogosphere are saying about McCain’s hardline stance… An honorable man who served his country well, it is clear his time has past and his grasp on the most basic foreign policy calls we’ll need to make in the coming years is very tentative indeed. He’ll be surrounded by […]

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Russia Stops Bombing Georgia

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At least that’s the latest report. We probably won’t have confirmation on this until sometime later today. From NY Times: MOSCOW — President Dmitri A. Medvedev of Russia announced Tuesday that he had ordered a halt to his country’s military operation in Georgia, although he did not say that troops were pulling out and he […]

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South Ossetia Citizens Known As Ossetes (& Ossetians)

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I’ve been incorrectly saying “Ossetians” so I’ll use the correct verbiage from here on out. (Looks like both can be used, according to Mikhail Gorbachev) This little factoid comes from the Times Online, which provides a very good timeline of what has gone down in the past, and sums it up as such… Russia’s policy […]

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Did Bush Administration Green Light Georgia’s Attack?

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This from Telegraph… Mr Saakashvilli may also have banked on support from his closest ally, US president George W Bush, whose administration is said to have given tacit support for a Georgian assault on South Ossetia in the believe that the territory could be recaptured within 48 hours. Obviously this is unconfirmed, but it would […]

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