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Wingsuit Base Jumping

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It’s official. Humans can fly. I’m still catching my breath. Tweet

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Time for BCS Playoff

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Barack Obama is doing a fine job preparing for his presidency, but one move stands above the rest in terms of its clarity and commonsense appeal. Obama is right to support a BCS playoff for college football. Now, you might think I support Obama on this matter merely because I’m a Texan and Texas is […]

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Behold The New York Mets Citi/Taxpayer Field!

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The ailing Citigroup is being fairly targeted for their spendthrift ways. From NY Times: In 2006, Citigroup signed a 20-year, $400 million contract to name the Mets’ new stadium in Queens Citi Field. As recently as last week, the troubled financial-services conglomerate said it had no intention of backing out of the deal for the […]

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China’s Torch on top of Tibet

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My cartoon was linked to post from the NYTimes (Click on Bob McCarty) NYTIMES link Tweet

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Nike’s Incredibly Stupid “Kobe Bryant Jumps Car” Commercial

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I really don’t know what to say to this. It’s wrong for so many reasons, not the least of which is the suggestion that shoes can help you jump a car (WTF?). Yes, Kobe says “do not try this at home,” but come on people…what does Nike take us for? Behind every piece of advertising […]

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Hillary: Memphis Better Qualified To Be National Champs

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Heh… In a move that’s sure to be seen as controversial, Hillary has contacted the NCAA Board of Directors to argue that Memphis is actually better qualified to be National Champion. Ms. Clinton stated that Memphis, while losing the game, had actually shown more ability to act like a National Champion on Day One. She […]

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Kansas WINS!!!

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20 years to day they won in ’88. Awesome. Tweet

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Bush Booed At Washington Nationals’ Home Opener

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And trust me, this isn’t one of those videos where you’ll think, “Wait, are they really booing?” Sure, you’ll hear some cheers, but the boo birds are overwhelming. The times we live in… Tweet

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German Chancellor Merkel Skipping Olympics

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Germany itself isn’t going to boycott the entire thing, but she won’t be showing up. And she’s not the only one… The disclosure that Germany is to stay away from the games’ opening ceremonies in August could encourage President Nicolas Sarkozy of France to join in a gesture of defiance and complicate Gordon Brown’s determination […]

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