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Dem Patty Murray Wins Senate Seat In Washington

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Dino Rossi conceded about an hour ago and gave Patty Murray her 4th term in the Senate. From The Seattle Times comes the reality: As of Thursday evening, Murray was leading Rossi by more than 45,000 votes, taking 51 percent to Rossi’s 49 percent. That’s up from a 14,000-vote lead on Election Day. According to […]

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Dem Senator Patty Murray Pulls Ahead In Washington

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The race is now divided by 2% or 27,000 votes. That doesn’t seem like much, but Murray’s lead was just 14,000, so that’s a big jump when you consider how much ground her challenger, Dino Rossi, would have to make up. In fact, The Seattle Times thinks it’s a done deal: Rossi’s vote percentage slipped […]

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Washington Post Apologizes for Salon Idea

By Alan Stewart Carl | Related entries in Media, News, Washington

Apparently, The Washington Post is completely abandoning the idea of hosting exclusive salons with power brokers – an idea which erupted into scandal last week when a marketing flyer indicated lobbyists could pay for access to Post reporters. Now, the paper has apologized blaming the flyer on a marketing snafu but taking responsibility for the […]

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The Washington Post’s Questionable Moneymaking Scheme

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The Washington Post has found itself embroiled in an ethics scandal involving a poorly conceived money-raising venture that the paper has moved fast to cancel and excuse: Washington Post publisher Katharine Weymouth said today she was canceling plans for an exclusive “salon” at her home where for as much as $250,000, the Post offered lobbyists […]

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Stress Tests for Wall Street — What About the Billions in off-the-Books Toxic Assets?

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At the center of President Obama’s overhaul strategy for Wall Street are the “stress tests” which will be applied to all financial institutions. But how accurate will the test results be? That will depend on whether the treasury takes off-balance-sheet assets into account, experts say. This is Danielle Ivory, reporting from the American News Project […]

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Presidents Day

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ANP (VIDEO): Fed Lends Two Trillion Without Oversight

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If you thought $700 billion was a lot of money, well.. It is. But $2 trillion is.. ridiculous. This is Danielle Ivory from ANP. Congress and the new administration have been focusing their attention on strengthening oversight for the Treasury’s TARP program, but meanwhile few are paying any attention to the Federal Reserve. Since September, […]

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(Video) James Risen Talks Exec. Power of Bush/Obama

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This is Lagan from ANP, We sat down with James Risen, the New York Times national security corespondent who broke the domestic wiretapping stories, to talk about the dilemmas Obama faces with the unparalleled executive power he will inherit. Dick Cheney recently said that Obama would appreciate all of the power they are handing over, […]

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A sneak peek at Jay Inslee: potential Energy Secretary for Obama

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Hey, this is Danielle Ivory from the American News Project, with our first report on the Obama transition. Here’s a first look at Jay Inslee, who appears on the shortlists for Prez-Elect Obama’s Secretary of the Interior and Secretary of Energy.. Tweet

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Bush Hater of the Month Club

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