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2019 Adobe Spark Review: Does the Mini Site Builder Live Up to the Hype?

Adobe is constantly changing and upgrading its tech to offer you the best stuff. We were fortunate enough to get to use Adobe Slate and Adobe Voice, both programs that gave us a wide range of site-building tools for the web page.

Now we have Adobe Spark…and many of you are a little skeptical about it.

It’s a relatively new program, and you’re still trying to understand it and see if it’s worth your time. Thankfully, you don’t have to worry about finding out yourself; we’ve already done the work for you in this Adobe Spark review.


The Adobe Spark Review: Is It Worth the Hype?

Surprisingly, Spark did more than just meet expectations; in some areas, it even exceeded them. Read on to find out what this little guy can do.

It Goes Ham on the Graphics

We all know that Adobe is a beast when it comes to computer graphics (check: Adobe Flash Player and Photoshop) but Spark has some impressive graphics features of its own.

This little guy can do real work with graphics and videos, so creating and editing any images or footage is a breeze.

You Can Create Custom Quotes

The quote creator is arguably one of the coolest features in Spark. Instead of having to use another program to create a quote poster for you, you can just make one in the Spark program.

Yes, it’s exactly as it sounds. You can take a known quote (or make up your own) and add it to a specific backdrop of your choice, creating a poster that’s every bit as unique as you are.

After you get the hang of the program, we’re sure you’ll be creating quote posters every chance you get.

It’s Very User-Friendly

Learning how to effectively use programs like InDesign and Photoshop can take months or even years of working in them to learn what they can really do.

Except you don’t have months or years to learn something. You have maybe a week, tops.

Spark is easy to use for this reason. Most Spark users don’t have a lot of expertise in the web and graphic design fields, but by using Spark they can still create beautiful finishes without having to work hard to get them.

It’s FREE!!

The best part about the Adobe Spark program is that you can start using it for free.

You heard that correctly. Everything that we mentioned above can be used for free, so you can get your hands on everything that you need to make your business soar.

If you want to really jump-start your business, we think that Adobe Spark is the way to go about doing just that.

Stay in the Know

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