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5 Health and Safety Startups to Watch in 2019

There have been some incredible start-ups launching that is changing the way we look at health and safety. These revolutionary companies are worth paying attention to.

Here are five start-ups in this space that we think is worth paying attention to.


1. Revolar Is Improving Health and Safety

This Colorado-based company makes wearable and discreet technology that allows you to alert a loved one where you are simply with the touch of a button.

This company came to be on the foundation that you should feel safe no matter who you are. Because of this notion, the design is discrete. If you’re going for a walk, living alone, or having a night out on the town, your Revolar device will keep you safe.

The device has a 1-2-3 click alert system that gives the user protection and peace of mind. Not only for the person wearing the device but for their family and loved ones as well.

Revolar can even send out status updates over text or e-mail. Currently, Revolar is at the forefront of the personal safety industry, as it uses patented and unique technology. This small and versatile device lets individuals feel empowered and safe.

2. Leeo for Home Safety

Leeo offers a wide range of home safety appliances such as CO and smoke alarms. All of their products have a modern focus. This company is made up of technologists and business people with experience dealing with aging parents.

Leeo ping is a sensor-enabled safety net, that lets family and friends live more independently and safely.

3. Bark Technologies to Monitor Your Kids Online

This company uses machine learning, data science and pattern matching to help parents monitor what their children are doing online. This device connects to 24 platforms and can monitor e-mails, social activity, and text messages.

This helps parents see any signs of harmful interactions and content with automatic text or e-mail alerts. These alerts only happen when risks are detected, so the parents don’t have to comb through every text or post.

4. BioInspira for Your Health Profile

This company’s goal is to give smartphone users a customized health profile. This profile helps users improve their lifestyle management and health care.

This company was founded in 2014, and it harnesses biology to give a low cost and accurate sensors for real-time analysis that detects air chemicals in industries for healthcare, transportation and food markets.

5. Proxxi to Keep Electrical Injuries down

This company is building smart sensors that let us see software electricity. Proxxi has the first digital electric field sensor that interprets distance and voltage.

Proxxi was founded because every year, countless employees are exposed to electrical injuries and danger daily. These incidents can cost millions in an insurance payout. This company gives a safe back-up to eliminate risk.

This company was designed for industrial workers exposed to electric injuries, but it also gives companies peace of mind as it monitors the safety of their employees. Read more about what makes an outstanding safety professional.

Stay Tuned

These are just some of many health and safety start-ups to look out for. New ones are constantly popping up, but we like what these five are doing for the industry. For more ways to improve your business, check out our website.

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