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Push Your Projects into 2019: Project Management Technology Tools to Help You Get the Job Done

Great project management leads to success. Around 70% of companies that use project management techniques accomplish their goals on time and within their budgets.

If you feel yourself struggling with meeting your goals with your current plan or are on the road without a map, there’s a solution.

Upgrade your approach to accomplishing your objectives with this list of must-have project management technology.


Which Project Management Technology Tools Do You Need?

Before we talk about some of the best business software and technology on the market, let’s examine all that it can do for you.

Here are a few ideas of the type of technologies available:

  • Scheduling: software that helps manage time-sensitive goals, even across different time zones
  • Project-tracking: keep your team informed of what the next steps are and hold workers accountable for completing tasks on time
  • Collaboration: these tools, like chat software, keep communication flowing, a must for home- or field-based workers
  • Information-Gathering: project management information technology provides industry-specific, accurate data as soon as possible

There are some companies, like Campbell Corporation, that offer multiple services under one roof. And then there are those that do one thing and do them well.

Keep your goals in mind while we go over the project management tools you need to add to your business.


When you need to organize your workflow, Wrike is what you need.

Wrike features reporting, collaboration, and tracking tools to make sure you and your team are all oriented towards the right goal. It’s also incredibly flexible and offers many CRM integration options.


When you need to see where your team is at a glance, Planio is the program to use. The available integrations create a tool optimized specifically for tech teams.

It’s also customer service-oriented, offering a help desk and extra security measures.


AceProject is a perfectionist’s dream. Technology project management needs to be precise and this software has detail-oriented tools so that there’s no room for mistakes.

The dashboard provides users with an overview of necessary tracking info. You can do a deep dive into the data you need with graphs, charts, and other relevant information.


Need to corral your team’s projects in one place? Need a simple program to help you turn around projects as soon as possible?

Paper is the one for you. You’ll be able to organize and prioritize from one place and reference any important documents you need.

Plus, Paper can help you plan sprints to make sure your time is used efficiently.


Here’s another all-in-one data solution. Hive allows you and your team to access external systems and document completed tasks in one place.

Don’t waste time trying to remember passwords or jumping from site to site. Hive brings it all together to keep your team laser-focused on getting your work done.

Beyond Project Management Technology

After looking at all of these project management technology solutions, which ones do you want to use with your business? There are tons of good choices out there and you’re sure to easily find a solution for any issue you have.

Want to learn more about the latest business technology? Follow our business blog to get the most up to date info!

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