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3 Reasons you should always have an Extra Battery Pack

Did you know that the global battery market is valued at nearly $60 billion? Approximately $6 billion from this sum is dedicated to making rechargeable batteries for various applications and devices such as phones, laptops, tablets, smartwatches, and other gadgets.

If you have a modern smartphone, you probably know that an extra battery pack is highly required to enjoy more screen time. You can find plenty of cheap batterypacks on the market, but how useful are they? Why should you invest in the best battery pack out there? Keep reading to find out!


1. Don’t Put an End to Entertainment or Chat!

You probably see a lot of movies or play games on your smartphone on a regular basis. Even if you have a relatively new phone, you can hardly get out more than 6 hours of screen time while playing your favorite games or watching movies. Sometimes, that’s not enough, especially while you’re traveling.

Whether you go for an AGM vs lithium power bank, you can considerably increase your time dedicated to entertainment. For example, some battery packs allow you to charge your phone two or three times, so you get so many more hours of screen time. You can also use this time to chat with your friends and/or exchange videos and photos on various social platforms.

2. Enjoy the Benefits of Recharging Your Phone on the Go

When the battery of your phone is dead, you need to plug it into a power outlet. For a few hours, your phone has to be close to the power adapter, so you cannot take it with you if you need to go somewhere. This can be frustrating sometimes.

If you have a power bank, you can forget such problems. The power bank can recharge your phone on the go. You can simply put your phone with the power bank in your pocket or purse and visit your friends and relatives. The phone gets recharged and when you have arrived at your destination, you have a fully recharged phone to play with.

3. You Can Recharge Many Devices at the Same Time

Believe it or not, there are a few battery packs on the market that feature multiple USB ports. They are capable of recharging multiple devices at the same time. For example, you can plug in your phone and tablet and recharge them simultaneously. In some cases, certain power banks can recharge three devices at the same time which is fantastic!

When it comes to the list of compatible gadgets, you can recharge virtually anything with a USB port. For example, you can fill up your smartphone with electricity as well as your smartwatch, tablet, e-book reader, wrist band, and even a small laptop.

Now You Know Why You Should Get an Extra Battery Pack!

As you can see, an extra battery pack is a must-have in our modern world. Various apps and games consume more and more power from your smartphone, but you shouldn’t let this restrict your screen time. A power bank is exactly what you need to mitigate this problem.

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