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How Much Does a Billboard Cost to Rent? A Business Guide

Billboard advertising is an effective way to get your business’ message out there. You can also use it to create an interactive experience with your customers.

There are many types of billboard advertising that you can use. In order to create an effective billboard campaign, you need to make sure that your billboard delivers the right message to the right customer.

You also want to make sure that your advertising delivers a return on investment. That starts with knowing how much a billboard costs.

How much does a billboard cost? Keep reading to find out.


The Types Of Billboard Advertising And Signage

Before you get your calculator to figure out the costs to put your brand on a billboard, you should know the types of billboard advertising and signage.

For starters, there’s the traditional large billboard that you find on the side of highways and busy roads. These are usually what you think of when you hear billboard advertising.

The traditional billboard has evolved over the years. Today, you see more digital billboards that advertise multiple brands at one time.

There are also digital signs. Some digital signs are large signs that are placed outside of your retail location.

Digital signs can be as high-tech as you want them to be. There are some digital signs that brands are using that have facial recognition features.

This can be scary from a privacy perspective, but brands like Yoplait find it useful to take consumer personalization to another level.

Digital signs also have a multitude of purposes. Some can be used as a storefront sign to attract passersby. Other digital signs can be used in advertising at bus stops or making a difference at trade shows.

How Much Does A Billboard Cost?

There isn’t an easy answer to this question. There are dozens of variables that go into the cost of a billboard.

Let’s say that you decided to rent a billboard for a trade show or another event. There are several factors that go into the price to rent an LCD screen.

That starts with the screen size and usage. A large screen that will be used outdoors will cost more to

You want to make sure that you choose the right LCD screen for your event, too. This guide on How to Choose the Right LED Screen will walk you through the steps and calculations to take before you rent or buy a screen.

That will save you from a lot of headaches down the road.

Another example is if you wanted to advertise on a traditional billboard. The first factor will be the location of the billboard. The cost to place a billboard ad in a large city will be much more expensive than to place an ad in a suburb or small city.

The amount of traffic and the demographics of that traffic are going to be cost factors as well. The amount of time your billboard campaign runs is the other major cost factor.

Most billboard campaigns run between four to six weeks. You probably won’t be able to have a shorter campaign because most billboard advertising companies require a minimum. A shorter campaign would likely have very few benefits to you as well.

Tying Billboards Together With Other Advertising

The strength of billboard advertising is that it is a way to create awareness around your brand. Billboard advertising allows for repeated exposure to your business and your message.

The more impressions that your business has, the more likely it is that customers will remember your brand down the road. That’s called brand resonance.

Billboards And AIDA

Billboard advertising is most effective when it’s used in conjunction with other forms of advertising. Consumers follow a journey before they buy from you.

That journey is commonly known as AIDA. Not the opera, it stands for Awareness, Interest, Desire, and Action.

People first have to become aware of your business. Once they become aware, they may become interested in your products and services. They’ll then have a desire or need for your services and products, prompting them to take action.

Think of billboard advertising as the first step of the customer journey. It does a great job of creating awareness.

You might not think that billboard advertising isn’t working because you’re not seeing instant results. That’s because you’re focused on the wrong metrics.

You should focus on how many more people know about your business than how many times your phone rings.

Billboards And Digital Advertising

Digital advertising is better for taking customers from awareness and interest to desire and action. Your first step in that direction is to start with your website.

You have to make sure that your website delivers great customer experience. It needs to be easy to use on mobile phones and desktops alike.

It also needs to be set up for SEO. Search engine optimization is one of the best ways to capture people when they’re ready to buy. They are already aware of your brand, but they may not remember your company name.

However, when they look for your products and your company appears at the top of those search results, they’ll click on your company’s listing because it’s familiar.

They already trust your brand and the increase to buy from your brand is much higher than if they weren’t familiar with your company.

Billboards And Signage Make A Difference In Awareness

If you want to increase the number of people that know about your business, using billboards and digital signage is a great move.

How much does a billboard cost? There are a lot of factors that go into the cost of a billboard. You want to look at the impact that billboard advertising has on your business and how it can improve other marketing efforts.

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