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4 Expert Tips for Real Estate Lead Generation

Did you know that 58% of decision-makers in businesses said that lead generation is a key challenge they face? With lead generation being such a dilemma, you might currently also be part of this statistic. If so, we are here to help you see how learning from lead generation services can help you stay one step ahead of the competition. 


1. Local SEO

One major tip is to improve your SEO in order to better reach the locals. Local SEO means that you want to make your online presence known in order to truly gain traction in the local community that you serve. Doing this strategically will help you generate moving leads even while you are sleeping. 

The main goal is to appear on the first page of Google and other search engines when people are searching for your niche.

2. Localized Ads

Reaching people at the right time to pique their interest is key and it’s where localized ads come in. When you have localized ads that are well-timed you will be able to influence people to make a purchasing decision. 

For example, if you suddenly receive a text message from a local coffee shop as you walk or drive by it offering you a discount off a latte, the chances of you going into the shop are pretty high. This is a perfect example of geo-marketing that works. 

3. Landing Pages

Another tip is to use landing pages on your website. You want to incorporate as many localized elements as you can. If you do not have experience with creating landing pages that work you might want to consider hiring a professional. 

A great way to get ideas on how you want your landing page to look is by studying the competition. Look at others in your niche to study them to see what is working for them. You can take notes and implement some of the elements that you feel would also benefit your audience and attract new customers for you. 

4. Google Ads

Have you done a search before and noticed a small green checkmark beside a website showing it is a “Google Guarantee?” A thumbs up from Google is a great way to have others trust your brand. 

You can do this through local service ads for your site. You can also include past customer reviews and ratings and earn new customers’ trust while impressing them with a simple Google ad. 

Ready for Some Lead Generation Services?

Now that you have the top benefits of lead generation services, you can make an informed decision on which tips above you want to try for your own business. Gaining as many leads as possible is key when you are trying to keep your business finances in the green zone. 

Did our article help you with your lead generation strategies today? Feel free to keep browsing this section for some more business savvy reads. 

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