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5 Business Advantages of using Virtual Datarooms

Observing the business market surrounding Virtual Data Rooms and their market size globally, the projection is that they will grow from a $1.4 billion USD to a $2.7 billion USD holding by 2025

Nearly doubling in size, there has to be a good reason. The major reasons being growing levels of business data and with that heightened need for risk management.

But how exactly do VDRs benefit your business? How can they save you money and grow your business? Where do you fit in with this global growth? That’s what we are here to tell you today.


Defining Virtual Data Rooms or VDRs

A virtual data room is a storage area that contains business documents. You may hear them referred to as ”electronic data rooms” as well. These storage centers for the sharing of information with investors, clients, and co-workers. 

By going paper-free, they can aid in reducing overhead as well as providing many other benefits.

1. Multiple Levels of Security

VDR centers have their own security on their end, so organizations using them know that the storage itself is secure. In addition to that level of security, there are other options available.

Practices on the files themselves such as;

  • Watermarking
  • File encryption
  • Data backup and restriction

By controlling who can access each of the virtual data rooms, businesses can additionally be able to check or any instances of malicious software that could lead to unauthorized access.

2. Addressing Timelines and Operation Speed

This comes down to management of data and of team members. Using a VDR, you have the ability to make bulk uploads and utilize multiple system processes at the same time. 

You can have a variety of users all accessing the same files/information at the same time. By allowing for this collaboration is much easier, leading to feedback on work being much easier.

Adding team members is as simple as 1-click options. The same goes for adding groups and managing full parties. After adding these users, you have full control of their permissions and what information they do or do not have access to.

3. Cost Reduction

As mentioned, by going digital overhead you can reduce overhead by a large amount. By teaming with a dataroom provider your team no longer has to worry about editing physical files. They no longer have to worry about copying or file-folders.

Your business does not have to worry about file servers and on-site data rooms. By not having to invest in and maintain these systems, you are removing a significant amount of money needed for operations.

4. Increase Efficiency

Virtual data rooms come, generally specific to the platforms, with their own tools to streamline how people work.

By using these tools, you have the ability to track who is viewing and editing files. Team members can easily search for documents rather than having to track them down manually. 

There are communication tools that aid in addressing questions; these conversations are logged for future reference as well as safety measures. Additionally, continuing with communications, alerts can be configured to email users when content is added.

5. Higher Levels of Transparency

By allowing access to any documentation and information as desired all that are involved, investors and workers alike can see all stages of operation. By sharing this information openly, you develop a level of trust and put them at ease. 

Additionally, it provides proof to lenders of your capability to pay back loans on time. Much like proof of income does for individuals looking to rent property. This level of transparency is especially helpful for smaller businesses and start-ups.

Better Data Management with Virtual Data Rooms

Numbers don’t lie. You can plainly see why there has been widespread growth in the use of virtual data rooms. The benefit to all parties involved in business deals, and data management surrounding them can not be ignored. 

Investing in a VDR provider today is something you should no longer hesitate with. It’s time to join the experience.

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