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6 Factors Businesses Should Consider When Choosing a Web Designer

We don’t have to tell you: there are a lot of web designers out there. Some will give you the perfect website at a good price. Others will take your money and give you little more than empty promises and disappointment in return.

So, how do you sort out the good from the bad? How do you find the web design agency that’s perfect for you?

That’s the good news. Choosing a web designer can actually be easy, if you know what you’re doing, that is. And, after reading this, you will.

Below are the 6 biggest factors that businesses need to consider when choosing a web design agency. Read on to discover more.


1. The Cost

Whatever you’re thinking about for your budget, increase it. When done right, a great custom web design will bless your website performance for years to come (traffic, conversions, etc.). You do not want to be stingy, here. 

So, expect to pay a generous amount. That said, don’t accept a quote for the exact amount you hope to pay.

In any industry, the final cost is almost always more than the initial quote. You should definitely research how they calculate pricing and how it might go up before the end. But always overestimate what the total cost will be.

2. What Are You Really Paying For?

Most importantly, find out exactly what services you’re paying them for. Do they build the website or just design it?

Find out for sure. Otherwise, you may end up with nothing more than a piece of concept art, a mere example to consider. Then, you have to pay another company to actually build the site according to the design. 

3. Do They Focus On Performance or Just Appearance?

Even if they do build and publish the site, that doesn’t mean they know a thing about your business goals. Surely they know about art and coding. But do they know about SEO, conversion, or what your business goals even are?

Any designer can make your site look great. But make sure your designer is focused on performance as well, like this agency, here.

4. Do They Have Relevant Experience?

Check their references. Have they ever designed for businesses in your industry? If not, it’s likely that they don’t know what design aspects are best for you or your audience.

5. What Happens Next?

At what point does their assistance stop? After they design and publish your site, what happens next?

Will they continue to update the website software? Will they help you if your site is glitchy or gets hacked? Do they even teach you how to manage your site and add content? 

Don’t be left high and dry. Find out what happens after the site is published.

6. How Long Will This Take?

Lastly, get a time quote, too. Beware of designers that promise completion in just a few days. This probably means they’re using a dated template rather than a fresh design, tailored specifically for you.

Also, find out if your site will still be useable or if it will be down while they’re working on it. This is especially important for a redesign of your existing site that could take more than a week.

Consider These Factors When Choosing a Web Designer

Somewhere out there is a web designer who’s perfect for your business. Use the criteria above to find them. Always consider these 6 factors when choosing a web designer.

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