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8 of the Hottest Web Design Trends Predicted for 2019

Do you have a New Year’s resolutions for your website?

Every year you want to go into the next one a better person. You pledge to quit bad habits and become more healthy.

Doing the same for your website is just as productive.

Your website should be considered your online identity. If it’s not running well or looks out of touch, so will you! You need to get ahead of the game and learn what web design trends to look out for next year.

This may not mean a whole overhaul of your pages. Sometimes just a little tweaking can keep your website looking hip and running smoothly. Still, it’s time to start the new year off on the right foot for you and your website.

Are you interested in revamping your website in 2019? You may want to take a look at these web design trends coming up for 2019 for ultimate optimization:


1. But First, Mobile

It’s officially the mobile searching age. That means more people are using their phone to browse the web than their desktop and laptop computers.

Is your website still just optimized for a desktop or laptop?

Mobile first design should now be the priority for your website. That means all pages should work optimally on a small, rectangular screen. Your computer layout may suffer, but it’s just not a priority anymore.

2. Websites Will All Have the Need For Speed

Gone are the days where web surfers would patiently wait for a site to load. If a visitor has to wait even a couple seconds for loading they will move on. Don’t lose out on traffic because your site is too slow.

This doesn’t mean you need to scale back on all your awesome photos and graphics. Besides speed, people still expect a highly curated artistic experience online.

A boring, bare-bones site might load faster, but nobody is sticking around to see it.

The key is to balance design with functionality. You can have a hip looking website that loads quickly. Just make sure to build it correctly from the start.

3. Some Websites Won’t Have Pages

Well, not zero pages exactly. There will still be one page at least. Pageless design is a very hot trend going into 2019. This means that all your site’s content will be negated to one single front page.

No pop up menus. No article blocks. Just the facts.

This is the logical response to the mobile first and speed prioritization. However, you can still have an eye-popping site without any pages. You just need to be more creative with your web design.

4. Up and Down Scrolling Is So Last Year

Playing around with new scrolling techniques is a great way to make your web design more creative. People have been scrolling up and down since the web was first born.

Why continue to go in the same direction after all these years?

This works well if you have to present a roster of different options. Scroll left and right to see each one. Also, a diagonal scroll could really set your site apart from its competition.

The key in 2019 web design is to make something old new again. And if it doesn’t hurt your site’s optimization, then it’s even better!

5. Content Will Always Be Rotating

One way a lot of websites are keeping visitors coming for more is with content rotation. Every time someone views their site, different content will be presented. This gives people an incentive to return sooner rather than later.

You can use animation, movies, pictures, or articles. You just need some eye-catching web design that shows your website is your priority. Stagnant websites seem neglected.

It doesn’t have to be all new stuff either. Recycle old content to give your front page a fresh feel.

6. Websites Will Get to Know You Better

A.I. and Chatbots seem to be everywhere now. This trend has been evolving slowly over time. However, in 2018 it seems like it blew up overnight.

Think about it. Machine learning can now predict how you will finish a sentence!

How do you use these services to optimize your website? Well, when applied correctly, they will do it for you. Chatbot and machine learning can work as a proxy between you and your website users.

They can answer questions and gather information like a free employee.

Pretty soon, this technology will be a part of every website. So in 2019, make sure to implement it in your web design too.

7. More Video Backgrounds

Despite trends in speed and minimalism, video is still king. It’s the easiest way to communicate your website’s message. It’s also the best way to get people to stay on your site.

Nobody is going to leave in the middle of a movie! Having an instantly playing video in the background of your website is the modern look your site needs.

With today’s advents in streaming technology, a large video file won’t slow down your speed either. And considering how many people are watching TV on their phone now, videos are already super mobile friendly.

Get used to it. Video is one trend that doesn’t look like it will be going away anytime soon.

8. Your SEO Will Need To Be Optimized

This is an evergreen trend year after year. However, SEO only gets more important as the times goes on. There will always be more competition for web traffic.

Some of the previous trends will already help our your site’s SEO. Google actually now prioritizes a site’s speed when factoring in search results.

View here for more help raising your SEO game in 2019.

Keep Up With These Web Design Trends

Get your site mobile optimized. Be inventive while also keeping your site’s speed in mind. You don’t want your site to become a fossil! Following web design trends will ensure your site’s optimization for years to come.

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