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A Small Business Owner’s Guide to Getting the Fastest SEO Results

Digital commerce transactions will hit a whopping $5.8 trillion by the year 2022. This is undoubtedly good news for any business hoping to leverage its services and products online. However, the real question is how to position your venture in line with the confluence of new technology.

The internet has become a one-stop-shop for any inquiry under the sun. There are numerous new opportunities to diversify your market share locally and globally. But without an effective strategy, harnessing these opportunities may be a pipe dream.

Interestingly, most businesses know the benefits of being visible online; how to get this visibility is often the problem. Is your business struggling to get a favorable search engine ranking?

Here’s a comprehensive guide to getting the fastest SEO results.


First Things First, What Is Search Engine Ranking?

Whenever you make a random search engine query, you will often get the first results. The results typically indicate the 10 most relevant websites based on your search keywords. These results are often documented based on augmented local listings.

Search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and provide the most valuable marketing channels for your business. Most of the organic searches by users globally utilize these four platforms. Have you been wondering why your products and services rarely get the traffic?

Well, you need to evaluate your SEO strategy and focus on improving your search engine ranking. A top search engine ranking may take time and resources to build.

You may need to work out several factors before you can hit the top. But Rome was not built in a day either. By the time you have actualized the last tip on this guide, you’ll be on the journey to the top.

Why SEO?

Imagine 93% of all online traffic begins with a search engine. Google dominates 92% of this traffic, which makes it the most effective search option. Since the year 2017, there has been a steady growth in organic search traffic, making digital commerce a critical new frontier.

With such statistics in mind, it is clear that the next cutting edge in leveraging your products and services must be through an effective SEO strategy. For the next few minutes, this guide will show you how to ensure that your business remains top of the search engine ranking by getting the fastest SEO results.

Consider these tips and get the fastest SEO results.

Optimize Your User Experience

Most online users know what they want, and they aren’t about to settle for less. Imagine being in a market with many other competitors. Leveraging on user experience is not negotiable in such cases.

I will reveal to you one secret to high-ranking search engine results. This secret is in how well you emphasize your users’ experience. A typical online search may take less than a minute.

How well your website can create an impression during this short span is critical. Focus on user-friendliness when developing your SEO strategy. You may need to have a careful evaluation of the features on your website and their effectiveness.

Is your website aesthetically pleasing? This is among the questions you can use to conduct an assessment of your current search engine optimization prospects. You may need to spend money and time to ensure that your website is customer-focused.

If you are in doubt about how well your approach aligns to the anticipated user experience, then it’s time to reconsider. Google will focus on the overall usability, ease of navigation and ease of access before determining your business’ SEO rank.

Are you looking to achieve the fastest SEO results? Then you need to revisit your website. Ensure that aspects such as accessibility, social engagement, and usability are in check. Then watch as your SEO ranking improves over time.

Assess Your Page Loading Speed

Time is of the essence. The reason most people prefer search engines such as Google is that they are assured of speedy and reliable results. Now, imagine having to wait for a page to load for more than a few seconds each time you make a random organic search.

Your page loading determines your search engine optimization results. For this reason, Google will often be keen on recording the average page loading speed for affiliate websites. You may end up having a negative SEO ranking if your rate is considered slow.

Website visits also often suffer in case your average page loading speed is slower compared to your competitors. If you’re keen on fast SEO results for your business, you should consider your page loading capabilities.

Evaluating your page loading speed is easy. You only need to conduct a simple page abandonment analysis. According to research, an average visitor to your website will abandon a search if your page takes more than three seconds to load.

What will shock you more is that 80% of these visitors are unwilling to return to that website after such a delay. The result is that traffic slows down on your website, and this has an impact on your ranking. If you are keen on better SEO results for your products and services, your page loading speed is of the essence.

Google uses an algorithm that detects the surge in traffic on your website. If your page speed and server response time are high, then your business is likely to attract the fastest SEO results.

Content Is King

Everyone appreciates an informative read. Your business can derive significant benefits by ensuring that your content appeals to the target audience. You’ll harness the fastest SEO results for your services and products if your content quality is unmatched.

What kind of content is available on your website? Most return clients do so because of the information they derive from your blogs. The chance that these users will revisit your site depends on what new information you have in store.

As long as your content is easily digestible, you are likely to gain a higher SEO ranking over time. Ensure that you know your client base and work towards furnishing them with information that promotes your products without advertising. Using headers and sub headers for your content can be a critical step towards enhancing readability. You may need to evaluate your current approach to search engine optimization and assess your content’s usefulness to the users.

Despite the unflattering reality that content is at the core of search engine ranking, most of the material you find in most websites is mundane. Your primary focus must be on sprucing up the readability and the appeal. Using essential tips such as the inclusion of images and relevant keyword optimization will certainly send users in droves to your website.

Content is often the critical driver of SEO success. You need to ensure that your content is not only quality but also regular. Google, as the leading search engine, often assess rankings based on consistency and relevance.

If your website is experiencing slow traffic, then maybe you need to rethink your content. Focus on producing high –quality content periodically and watch as your products attract the fastest SEO results.

Focus On Mobile Usability

Gone are the days when people would gather inside cybercafés to gain access to the internet. Mobile technology continues to provide accessibility to the internet as mobile phones become ever more portable. Your focus, for now, must be on ensuring mobile-friendliness.

Can users easily access your website through their mobile phones? If no, then this may be affecting your ranking factor. Research indicates that 50% of all search engine results originate from mobile devices. Making your website mobile friendly is an essential step towards ensuring that you gain the quickest SEO results for your products.

You need to make your website more mobile-friendly. But how will you achieve this? You may have two options to consider when making this critical step towards greater accessibility.

You can consider responsive web designs and accelerated mobile pages when increasing the overall mobile usability. By considering these options, you will likely achieve a higher SEO ranking for your products and services due to higher traffic.

Seeking the views of experts on the options that work best for you may be an essential first step towards enhancing mobile usability. Most professionals, however, advocate for responsive web designs as a tool towards improving your search engine ranking. At, you are guaranteed reliable SEO consultation as you build your online visibility.

If you have regular users accessing your website through mobile phones, then it will be just a matter of time before traffic overwhelms you.

Start Blogging

Any SEO expert will tell you that blogging is an outstanding tool for lead generation. Attaining the fastest SEO results is not as hard if you have constant blog content. Most businesses do not realize this, but blogging greatly improves your SEO rankings.

You may have the right content and material to promote your products. But this is not enough if you lack the platform necessary to act as a medium for such content. Blogs are a perfect tool when channeling your readers towards reading more.

Your products and services can attract the fastest SEO results across the various search engines if you harness the power of blogs. All you need to do is to develop supportive readers over time, who in return will help you drive traffic to your site.

Experts say that blogs if well combined with links and keywords have the potential of building your online capability. As your credibility increases, your business will eventually rank high in search engine rankings.

I Hear, I Forget. I See I Remember

Imagery will raise your SEO ranking to heights unimagined. You have certainly clicked on a post because an image or video was of interest to you. Well, this is a common reaction to visuals by most online users.

If you want to boost your search engine ranking, you need to consider the use of visuals. What a potential client may have heard about your products may not matter at times. But if such users come across optimized images online, linking them back to your website is secure.

Encouraging the use of optimized visuals may be a worthwhile SEO strategy for your business. Most of the companies with the fastest SEO results will often have a diverse use of visual images, which complement their posts. But there are a few downsides you need to consider.

You need to ensure that your visuals are compressed to reduce load time. You do not want to end up creating another problem by having big-sized images and videos that affect page loading time. Your SEO ranking will experience growth due to the visual attraction users have to your posts.

Your Contact Information Will Help You Have The Fastest SEO Results.

I have visited your website and found what I needed. What next? The next most crucial step, in this case, is to ensure that the client can quickly contact your business for additional information or purchase.  Google knows how much contact info matters to a website and often uses this benchmark to determine your rank.

You are likely to be reported to your search engine provider for appearing to be untrustworthy and lacking in credibility if you lack contact info. Your search engine optimization ranking faces negative implications in such cases. This also affects your desire to achieve the fastest SEO results.

You need to consider having current and valid contact information. This makes your clients build trust and increases the chance of repeat customers on your website.

Your Visibility Online Starts and Ends with SEO

You will not be able to survive the rapid changes in the market without an established SEO strategy. Having the fastest SEO results for your business does not come easily. You need to combine several ideas that will eventually boost your SEO ranking.

If your business is rearing to take off in the age of technology, then it’s time to consult a SEO expert.

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