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Adobe Flash Player Update Download Available with Surprises and Fixes


We all know nowadays that Adobe Flash Player is the standard when it comes to having great web content. Talk about designs, animations, app user interfaces that interact with platforms and browsers, you name it: Adobe has the solution. And indeed, we have seen in time that Flash has proven to be a very useful tool. Moreover, it has a large user base and it integrates well within countless web pages.

But what does it bring new?

You’d think there aren’t many things Adobe could bring more, but you’d be surprised! The new version, wearing the number, brings an immersive experience for videos, apps and full-screen content. It uses the advanced compression type of technology in order to bring low-bandwidth and other high quality video features, besides high-fidelity text that is used for the advanced text rendering option.

But it doesn’t stop here! The new Flash version comes together with real-time dynamic effects, paired with effects for filters that weren’t present until now, such as Bevel, Glow, Gradient, Displacement Map, Drop Shadow, Gradient Bevel, Convolution or Color Matrix. It seems that the developers at Adobe really wanted to offer a pleasant surprise to their fans and users, since they included new media compositions that rely on 8-bit video alpha channels as well.

Finally, the update will also bring enhancements to the strokes, radial gradients and blend modes. It seems that these are the most appreciated features by the users. Furthermore, the useful tool will now become even more useful, since it will support new image formats: PNG, GIF or Progressive JPEG, which were not used until now.

Download it!

If you install the package for Safari, Opera and Firefox it will weigh 19.8 MB, while the one for Internet Explorer is 19.3 MB large. The Uninstaller, if you change your mind, will weigh 1.2 MB.

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