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Apple iPad Pro 2 vs. Microsoft Surface Pro 4 – Choose The Best One


Rumors say that the iPad Pro 2 is going to be the most powerful tablet working on A10X processing chip.

Apple’s one of the high-end products from this year, the redesigned iPad Pro 2, will have 10.5-inch, it will support extra thin bezels, so you’ll be able to enjoy a smoother navigation. The largest unit will be 12.9-inch. It will come equipped with 4 GB of RAM.

On the other hand, Microsoft’s hybrid device, the Surface Pro 4, comes with a larger RAM. Microsoft was cool enough to include the Surface Pen on any purchase, instead of making it an optional accessory like Apple did with its Pencil. Another great thing about the Surface Pro 4 is the built-in kickstand.

Analysts have already been making some predictions about the Surface Pro 2, after taking into consideration some of the things that Apple did with the new MacBook Pro and Phil Schiller’s remark regarding the small RAM. Therefore it seems that iPad Pro 2 isn’t going to have bigger than 4 GB RAM; on the other hand, Apple is upgrading the performance with the A10X processor.

Apple could still make the UX better, so fans out there don’t have to feel disappointed. Concerning the design, the iPad Pro 2 will replace the physical home button with an embedded one, just underneath the 3D Touch. The Apple Pencil will include some cool rechargeable and magnetic features, according to Apple Insider.

Apple has recently released the latest iPad without the Pro features, making it more of an iPad Air upgrade. The Verge reported that the current iPad is not replacing the full desktop function despite the promise made by Apple to do so in its future lineup.

But don’t get stuck in all these drawbacks as the price for the new iPad Pro 2 in going to be more than affordable for a faster tablet, so it’s definitely worth the upgrade.

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