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Destiny 2 Expansion pass to arrive span from 2017 to 2018


Destiny 2 has at last been announced last week as being available for the PC. Together with a short breakdown of the in-game story, the announcement of the game also included information on an expansion pass which will feature two DLC releases. Following some reports from Reddit, the release dates are speculated to be both in 2017 and in 2018.

It would be easy to start hating on the game for already planning a DLC system 5 months before it has been released, but people should not jump to conclusions as Destiny is a game more similar to a MMORPG like World of Warcraft and it will be expected of it to have various Expansion and DLC models built into its future.

By informing the public that the game will feature new content that will flow at reasonable prices, this will reassure the fans of the game that they will have more to expect from the future of the game and not just what will be released initially. This is very much a game of gathering loot and grinding hours with friends and as such it is dependent on keeping things fresh as much as possible. The expansions will be offering new story content, co-op activities, multiplayer competitive systems and a treasure trove of new gear, weapons and armor to gather.

When representatives at Bungie were presented with this memo on Reddit and asked if the information is real, they stated that they have nothing to add regarding this besides the fact that they will be releasing the season pass. It is most likely that they will follow on the speculated formula for DLC regardless since it’s the most common trend for shooter-based MMOs, particularly those who rely on grinding.

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