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Adobe Flash Player 25 Update Download Available with Stage 3D


Version 25 of the Adobe Flash Player refers to an app runtime offering a straightaway manner of watching expressive videos, apps or other types of content on several types of devices, operating systems, mobiles and browsers.

Given that it’s the most recent one, it offers a high performance, weighing little and being extremely helpful. It includes support for native 64-bit OS plus browsers. Besides, it also brings asynchronous bitmap decoding, high resolution support for bitmap, accelerated rendering of the graphics, plus many others.

So What Does It Bring New?

The new version is especially handy for businesses, and this happens because they can now offer some enriched experiences for customers on various digital touch points. As a business owner, you can move whatever content you need across browsers, native OS or independent apps so that you can reach customers easier on the various types of devices they use.

Perhaps the most appreciated improvement brought to the Adobe Flash Player is the Stage 3D. This relies on accelerating GPU rendering, thus leveraging the power of the graphics in DirectX and OpenGL. With this, you can build some impressive games in 2D and 3D. The mouse control is another point on which the team made some improvements. Now it’s a lot easier to create fully immersive games or panoramic ones, with the help of infinite scrolling, mouse lock and relative mouse coordinates.

Besides all this, the enhanced concurrency will come in handy when you want to create responsive games or content that works better now with ActionScript and shares support for the ByteArray. Overall, the new version is a great one, that also comes up with support for full screen and full keyboard on various browsers such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer or OSs such as Windows and Mac.

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