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Google Play Store Available with Custom Android Apps


Recently, Google has been working on updating a couple of features available on Google Play Store, with the purpose of making enterprises use in an easier manner their app. As such, the process of distributing custom Android apps or in-house ones to employees becomes much simpler.

Private Channel – Lots of Benefits

As such, the famous Google Play offers people a Private Channel feature. This helps apps administrators to host various internal apps for Android and control the access a particular group or certain users have. This feature is really helpful, and besides this, organizations who sign up for such a Private Channel also enjoy some other benefits: user authentication, virus and malware detection etc.

Release Date of the Update

The update the team announced has become available starting January 31, and it is now easier to make the apps available on Play Store easier to discover and to access for the end users. For example, private apps have been moved from their previous spot on Google Play to the Work Apps menu. This makes it easier and faster if you want to navigate to it.

But There’s More Included

Within the same section of the store you will find all the apps that the organization can manage with a suite dedicated to enterprise mobility management, whether they are public or private. The update also improved the controls for the private and public apps on the Play Private Channel. The new consolidation helps administrators create whitelists for the mobile apps that are approved for enterprises, according to Google’s own announcement.

If you own an organization and haven’t used the Google Play Private Channel feature until now, then you should know that first you have to enroll and use an enterprise mobility management tool. The company said that you can even use their own mobile management technology.

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