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Mass Effect Andromeda vs. Dragon Age Inquisition – What’s Your Opinion?


Even though they are quite interesting, both Dragon Age Inquisition and Mass Effect Andromeda show that BioWare is currently struggling to grasp the new generation conventions. In the meantime, they seem to also be losing a part of their heart, which many people find sad.

The two BioWare games are compatible with the consoles in the current generation, but despite being somewhat interesting, none of them reached the success some fans expected. Besides the continuous fight of the studio with technology and Frostbite, this current generation has a limited output. This made lots of people wonder, and many suspect that this means the company will try to approach a larger market than the RPGs initially had.

Why Do People Think That?

Both Dragon Age Inquisiton and Mass Effect seem to be influenced by blockbuster triple A trends. This is in fact a distraction from the true potential the studio has. Up until now, there was something magical about their productions, an intimate look and feel, and you could also notice that people were really attached to the connection between the gameplay, the characters and the world.

Turning Into a Bad Open World Game

And if you don’t believe it, just look at this switch to a setting represented by a semi-open world, in opposition to the dungeon, the world map and the hub that were found on the classic RPG games. Sadly, neither of the two games has a smooth changing process. They don’t offer a seamless transition, nor a joyful transversal, but they definitely have the disadvantages we find in open world games.

For example, they both offer some huge spaces inside the games, which are kind of annoying to explore. The problem here isn’t the fact that the universe is enormous, but the fact that you don’t have a compelling reason to do it, which is definitely a minus.

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