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Moto Z2 Play Comes with a Familiar Design and More Surprises


Most likely one of the reasons people choose the Moto Z Play is the fact that it offers an excellent battery life. Besides, it also has a mid-range price, which is convenient, and it is compatible with the modular backs made by Motorola. Some people were worried that the components will not be usable anymore. However, some recent leaked images of this model have shown that the design of the Moto Z2 Play will look pretty much the same as the original.

Isn’t There Anything Different?

There is indeed one change from the original design, namely the fact that the square button found on the Moto Z Play was replaced with a round one. It’s not much of a change, but in the end it is an upgrade to the design.

However, the fact that the developers did not want to change much about it isn’t quite a surprise. If they were to include some serious and major upgrades to the chassis of the model, the phone would not have been compatible anymore with the camera back, the battery and with the rest of the accessories that were made for the Moto Z line. As such, it was particularly important to stick to the same shape.

More Surprises

Leaving aside the design and the hard-point connector, which helps confirm the compatibility with the mod, there is something else we may find out from the leak. There is a clock on the leaked image, and the date listed on it shows June 8th. People rushed to interpret this as a tease for the upcoming release, but then again, there is no official confirmation about this date, so it’s better to take everything with a grain of salt.

Moreover, you can also stay tuned on IT websites and check for the updates.

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