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Xbox Boss Leaks New Future Minecraft Work


Phil Spencer, who is an Xbox boss, spent some hours together with Mojang, the Minecraft developer, as he admitted on Twitter. Even though he didn’t give more details about the visit, he did say that he enjoyed the day and that he got a glimpse of the future developments Mojang is preparing for their famous game. Probably just to make everybody jealous, he also mentioned that it was cool to see the new ideas coming to life.

Microsoft and Minecraft History

Back in September, Microsoft bought the entire Minecraft franchise, together with the Mojang team for $2.5 billion. Ever since then, the title gathered even more fans, and Microsoft announce an astounding sales number of 121 million, with 55 million players each month. The numbers were given in the beginning of this year.

Constant Maintenance

To fans’ pleasure, the team is constantly releasing updates and DLCs. One of the examples is the Power Rangers content that was launched at the end of March. Recently Microsoft also announced a new surprise, a Minecraft marketplace for real money. Meanwhile, in May we will see the game arriving to another platform, namely on Nintendo Switch. Needless to say, the users of this console model are really happy to hear this.

More exactly, the big release for Nintendo Switch will take place on May 11, followed by a physical release at some point after that. There are also other games coming to the console, such as Arms and Splatoon 2.

Will We See a Minecraft 2?

Back in August 2015, Phil Spence was talking about a broader vision that he has for Minecraft. According to his statement, Microsoft did not have immediate plans for release a sequel to the game. However, this could also happen at some point.

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