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Windows Creators update enables Game DVR mode by default, causing game crashes


The Creators Update has sure made an impression on the public with its debut. Unfortunately, it wasn’t all for the better, as many problems have surfaced as a direct result of users installing the Creators Update. While software issues are understandable, what makes people scratch their heads is the fact that Microsoft spent months on end working on this OS update, so it was expected that everything would go smoothly.

That wasn’t the case as many issues arose such as different game crashes and things that prevent users for fully enjoying the new intricate update released by Microsoft. In some cases, the problems are big enough that users can’t enjoy the update at all. There are some leads as to what is causing the problem.

Some games seem to be presenting artifacts as users claim that all the video games installed on their machines have this symptom but it’s hard to determine just how widespread this problem is. The core of the problem however is the fact that the problem appears in the first place.

im getting odd graphics artifacts in all my games. Just tiny lines, but like squares of lines. I tried with stock clocks, and even underclocks, and they still show up in Doom, Wildlands, witcher 3, and FO4. Rolling back graphics driver removed them, but made the system unstable with the update. – courtesy of user chubbysumo on Reddit.

  • It has also been discovered that the new update enables a feature in Windows that causes the problems. The feature is GameDVR and it is an option that Windows 10 gamers have for recording and sharing game footage. While overall performance is said to be better with the Creators Update installed, the fact that GameDVR made games crash instead didn’t really help.
  • The Start menu should have the Xbox app pinned by default, so users just need to access it and select the GameDVR option from its Settings section.
  • Disabling this option should solve all problems and revert the negative effects of the Creators Update upon the gaming experience.

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