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Clash of Clans Livestreaming Team War – What Happened So Far


Recently, there has been a big Clash of Clans war last weekend, lasting until the 23rd of April. This involved two wars, namely a 40v40 and a 50v50 one. Of all the contestants, 10 of the best players are going to Finland, and will participate in a Supercell-hosted livestream. The live stream happened yesterday at 3 PM GMT and many people waited especially to see it.

The idea of having such a war is pretty fun, and it’s a fantastic way of bringing together the communities in the popular Clash of Clans game. No matter the circumstances, it’s great to have different communities fighting together for the ultimate supremacy. All in all, the event is quite of fun, and you should still join it if you have some time this weekend.

More about Clash of Clans

Clash of Clans is developed by the famous Supercell and it’s a game where you have to raise your own army. Moreover, you have to lead your entire clan to victory, and for this, you need to battle millions of players found worldwide, make an extremely strong clan by allying with others and destroying enemies, as well as build your own village in order to avoid raiders. Many people seem to be attracted by this type of game, and as proof we have the millions of downloads reached by the app.

The game is free to play, but there are also in-app purchases many people do. For example, most people choose to buy piles of gems (which cost 4,99 € each, bags of gems (9,99 €), sacks of gems (19,99 €), resource packs (0,99 €), chests of gems (99,99 €), boxes of gems (49,99 €), pocketfuls of gems (0,99 €) or the town hall starter pack, priced at 9,99 €.

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