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Adobe Flash Player is Heading Towards The End but Adobe Still Cares About Fixing Problems


Adobe Flash Player has always been quite the controversial service. While it has become the worldwide standard many years ago and it has held on to that position until relatively recently, Adobe’s Flash Player has been the subject of severe scrutiny. Upon losing all its favor with users all around the world, many point back at that moment in time when the late Steve Jobs said that Flash is no good and prevented his iPhone devices from using the service. Now, many years later, people are starting to agree with what the Apple founder had in mind regarding Flash. Still, Adobe remains focused and wants to make sure that its remaining user base for Flash, no matter how small, gets the best service possible.

New vulnerabilities discovered and fixed

While Flash might be heading towards the end, Adobe is still making sure that it’s fixing what can be fixed. Security issues and vulnerabilities have plagued Flash for the longest time, but some of the most important vulnerabilities have just been discovered recently.

Adobe has deployed two patches which deal with these issues and fix the problems, thus providing a much safer experience for those who have decided to support Flash onward. The latest issues were related to memory corruption and malicious code execution. There was another problem regarding cross site scripting, but according to Adobe this vulnerability was not exploited before the company had a chance to patch things up. Now, both aforementioned threats have been resolved, making Flash safer for its remaining consumers.

A slew of minor concerns have been fixed

It’s not just big security vulnerabilities that have been handled, but also smaller concerns that summed up the amount to quite a big problem. A problem concerning URL validation was solved, thanks to the cooperation between Adobe and the CNSI (Center for Tech and Innovation, which has managed to spot these problems before they had a chance to get out of hand.

Flash is still going away

Despite the most recent efforts by Adobe, the company has stated on multiple occasions that the service will no longer be available starting with the year 2020. It might seem like a long time before we get to 2020, but completely removing Flash from the internet is going to be a lengthy and tedious process. Adobe will be working with parent companies which are recognized as the leading figured in tech, like Microsoft, Google or Apple, but also Facebook and Mozilla. Adobe has also stated that Flash will not just simply disappear, but instead will be replaced with a better solution, a similar technology with far more reliable standards and features.

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