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Pokémon Go Don’t-Press-Okay Trick Discussed by the Devs


Pokémon Go is very popular among players, gathering millions of users who regularly engage in all the events or the activities released by Niantic Labs. They love the game, they love sharing their achievements and tips or tricks in the game community or on social media. There were some tricks which actually worked and some which were proven to be myths.

The trick we’re going to talk about is the one where you don’t press okay when catching a raid boss.

But one of the officials from Niantic Labs has said that the trick doesn’t work. According to NianticGeorge the trick Don’t Press Okay is actually a myth. He responded to this exact trick when he saw that almost half of the Pokémon Go players believe that the trick works.

How did the Don’t-Press-Okay Trick Got Famous?

Earlier last month there were some reports according to which if players wouldn’t press okay to catch a raid boss they will make other players from their raid group to get a higher chance rate bonus. There was a post stating that the trick doesn’t work.

Other Myths in Pokémon Go

Even though they are considered myths, there are way too many players to get a hold on correct information. One way to clear any misunderstandings would be to get some information regularly released by Niantic Labs.

There have been some myths that turned out to be true. Here are those real myths: the Last Ball glitch which was very disputed by players and ended up being there and repaired by the developers by giving players in raid battles an extra Premier Ball.

Pokémon Go News

Pokémon Go players can’t wait for the Legendary Mewtwo to appear and they speculate that it will be released in the game after the testing on Ex Raid Battles will end.

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