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Adobe Flash Player Won’t Run with Chrome Even Though it’s Enabled


Using Flash is still an option and in some cases even mandatory. The biggest websites in the world use Flash and while they’re in the process of changing that, it will take a lot of time. In the meanwhile, users have to make do with their current options, but that can be hard since Flash seems to be very quirky at times. One problem that many Chrome users are dealing with is the fact that Flash won’t run on Chrome even though they double checked to make sure the service was enabled on their browser. With the possibility of Flash not being enabled on Chrome being ruled out, many are wondering what could cause the issue.

Allowing websites to play Flash

It might not be enough for users to enable Flash Player. It is also required that they allow a website to play Flash content in order for them to be able to view or hear it. The easiest way to do this is to disable Flash and then enable it again. The next time users go to a Flash website, they will most likely get a pop-up which asks them to allow that website to display Flash content. Once users click on “Allow”, they should be able to enjoy Flash once more.

Updating services

The problem might also stem from the fact that one or multiple services need an update. In order to make sure this is not the case, users should take the time to update Adobe’s Flash Player. This can be done easily by visiting Adobe’s website. The Flash dedicated page will have a hard to miss button for downloading and installing the latest version. Once users make sure that they have the latest version of Flash installed, they can try again.

If the problem persists, it might be a Chrome problem, and not a Flash problem. Google Chrome also needs to be updated in order to provide the best service possible, but also to make sure that its services and features continue to function properly. Updating Chrome as well is the next step that users should take. If updating Flash did not do the trick, updating Chrome might be the solution.

Reinstalling Flash

If updating doesn’t solve the issue, users should try reinstalling Flash completely. The first step is to completely uninstall Flash from their device, followed by a fresh installation of the latest version available for the service. A fresh install will often times prove to be the best cure for a weird bug.

While one or multiple solutions mentioned here might not be what solves the issue, it is very hard to believe that all of them would fail. Usually, a problem with Chrome not displaying Flash content can find its root within this range of possible fixes.

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