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Shiny Gen 3 Pokémon Tricks to Catch The Super Rare Pokémon


Pokémon Go fans can enjoy until the 2nd of November the Halloween event which brings Gen 3 rare Pokémon creatures and more. Apart from the Halloween Pokémon creatures, trainers can get their hands on a Shiny Pokémon. It is very hard to find, but during the already began Pokémon Go Halloween event, a trick of finding the creature has been revealed.

Find a Shiny

The trick to catch such a rare Pokémon was discovered accidentally, as part of a glitch found during Raid Battles. It is a complicated system and only real fans will have the patience of completing it.

The method can get you Magikarp, the Shiny-capable Pokémon in Raids. It was published by Pokémon Go players, users “painfulplumber” and “DH025”.  Sadly, it only works for Magikarp, but Pikachu is known to pop up during special events. It is unknown however if the later is Shiny-capable.

The trick might work for future Pokémon creatures as well, but it is not a given. Niantic might try and find a way of fixing this system glitch soon enough.

Not all Shiny Pokémon appear Shiny while being caught and they do not appear Shiny on the walking map.  It is also important for trainers to know that not all Shiny Pokémon appear Shiny after being caught and sometimes they bare no indicator. To verify a Pokémon caught if it is shiny or not, the trainer must attempt of transfer it. A message asking the player if he/she is sure about transferring the Shiny Pokémon will appear.

The method

To get their hands on a Shiny Pokémon, a trainer has to begin a Raid with 10 people, get the boss almost killed, get 9 people to close the app (the player must remain). Then he/she needs to go to the catch screen and crash it. When reloading, the remaining trainer will see the CP of Pokémon.

If the privileged number is Good then they have 1/9 change of having the good CP.

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