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Amazon Fire TV Stick vs. Google Chromecast 2 – Apps, Size and Prices


Recently, Amazon released their Fire TV Stick product in India, together with a special voice remote feature. You can plug the Stick into a TV set that is compatible, so that you can surf for more content on Prime Video, Netflix and other options on your regular TV. But what is the difference between this and the Google Chromecast 2?

Amazon Fire TV Stick

One of the best advantages that comes with the Amazon Fire TV Stick is the fact that it comes together with lots of apps. These are useful if you want to stream some content on your own old TV. It is quite small (3.4×1.2×0.5 inches) and it’s 32g heavy. It runs on a MediaTek 1.3 GHz CPU, paired with a Mali 450 GPU. Moreover, it offers 8 GB storage for apps and games, plus 1 GB RAM.

It also offers free cloud storage for Amazon content, and it is available for the price of Rs 3,999.

Google Chromecast 2

Meanwhile, the Chromecast device allows you to stream whatever content you need straight from your smartphone and tablet However, for this you will need an Android phone, since for the iOS not all apps are available. Moreover, on iOS you have to download the Google Home app.

It measures 51.9×51.9×13.49 mm, and the power cable is 1.75 mm long. The Chromecast is 39.1 grams heavy and it includes a Wi-fi 802.11ac connection. The power supply charger is a 5V, 1A one, coming with a micro-USB. It costs Rs 3,399.


Both streamers are great devices, even though they are quite different. The Chromecast is indeed cheaper, but it depends on your smartphone. Amazon doesn’t depend on your smartphone, plus it has some deals for free data at the moment, which might attract lots of users.

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