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Android 7.1.2 Nougat Update Brings New Issues for Nexus and Pixel Users


If you’re the proud owner of a smartphone that runs on Google’s beloved OS Android, then you most likely know that the new version, Android 7.1.2 Nougat, has started rolling out to various devices. And, just like with any update ever in the history of technology, there are already some issues surrounding it. Now it’s time for Google-device some Nexus and Pixel users to endure the bugs brought upon by their Mountain View mothership.

What’s Wrong?

Apparently quite a few Nexus and Pixel owners have reported losing the ability to use their integrated fingerprint scanner after receiving the Android update OTA. On top of that, users of select Nexus devices have tried resetting the saved fingerprint database to fix the issue and the entire feature disappeared for their settings menu altogether. Wait, what? That’s a pretty serious issue.

However, various tech blogger that own Pixel and Nexus devices tested out their device for the bug and didn’t notice it anywhere. Still, one blogger suggested that the issue doesn’t appear on devices that had the update installed manually, so that might be a good solution to prevent the bug from appearing on your device. If you are prompted to install the update OTA, simply decline and go to your Settings and install it yourself. This should save you quite a lot of trouble.

Google hasn’t made any official statement on the issue yet, but we’re sure they will be quick to act on it and try to solve it somehow. However, due to the magnitude of the bug, a patch might not suffice, and Google will perhaps need to release a completely new update for Android Nougat in order to solve their mess. We’ll just have to wait and see how the company reacts and how this whole situation will unfold.

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