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Android 8.0 Oreo – Preview of the New Features


The developer preview of Android 8.0 O is released, offering a glimpse of the latest features.

Nougat’s successor might be named Oreo, and it showcases lots of upcoming updates and improved elements. Let’s check them out!

Adaptive icons

Android usually encourages customizations, and this is the main reason for which Android O brings adaptive icons. This allows developers to pack their apps with lots of shape options for the icons, taking customization to the next level.


Autofill support seems to be getting one heck of an improvement. When you get the Android O, you’ll be able to choose a password manager that’s going to handle all of your autofill needs, including your credit card info, Facebook password and more.

Audio quality

Android O brings in support for HQ Bluetooth audio codecs to please the audiophiles.

Battery life

Of course, Andoid O is also going to bring some battery improvements by limiting the activity of apps in the background.


Good news coming toward users of Android tablets with physical keyboards! Developers will get support for making navigation much easier.

Lock Screen

The new Android O will give users more options regarding the customization of the lock screen.


When the multi-display support arrives, you’ll finally be able to launch an activity on a remote display! In other words, you’ll be able to move an activity from one display to another.


More control over notifications translates as more control over the pop-ups that usually bug you. App notifications are called “notification channels” by Google, and the new Android O will allow you to set them into groups.


The picture-in-picture might be familiar from YouTube – it’s when a playing video continues to play in a smaller overlay window.


The new Wi-Fi Aware that will be brought by the Android O will let devices communicate with one another without an Internet access point.

Android O will definitely change the UX in a great way, so we’re waiting impatiently for it to come our way.

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