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Android Nougat’s Most Interesting Not-So-Obvious Features


When you get your hands on Nougat, you’ll be able to enjoy awesome features, and we’ll show you some hidden ones. Here is some cool stuff you can expect when Nougat reaches your device:

Split-screen apps

These are available on every device running on Nougat and, to activate the split-screen mode, you just have to long press the overview button when an app is open. This way, the app will move to the top half of your screen, allowing a list of recent apps to appear below it.

Quick app switch

When you open the overview interface to switch apps, you can tap the button again, and you’ll jump to the last used app.

Power notifications

The power notifications are practically an experimental feature that you can access by long-pressing the settings gear from the top of the notification shade. Open the UI turner > Other > Power notification controls. They’ll include silent, block and neither. Using these, you’ll enjoy more finesse with levels from 0 to 5.

Customizable third-party quick settings

Open the quick settings from the top of the notification shade and then go to Edit. You’ll be able to see tiles supplied by any installed apps at the bottom.

Separate home and lock screen wallpapers

All phones working on Android 7.0 and on the newer versions support setting a separate lock screen and a home screen picture.

Customized status bar

Open the system UI tuner, go to the status bar and here you’ll be able to control what shows up. For instance, turn off that nasty alarm indicator, if you don’t like it there.

App shortcuts

This will only work for 7.1, so if you have an appropriate device, you’ll also have launcher shortcuts. Long-press on an app and it will produce a list of common actions. If you long press on an app and drag it out, you’ll create a shortcut on your screen.

Easter Egg

If you want to enable the Easter Egg, open Settings and go to About menu. Long press on the Android version number line; when the Nougat logo appears, long-press again and you’ll see a small emoji appearing at the bottom of your display. Now, open the quick settings and add the empty dish tile. If you tap the tile and add a treat, a cat will appear. You can collect hundreds of cats and you can even share them. Come on, it’s fun!

Try these features and tell us which one’s your favorite.

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